4 Tricks To Catch Up On Editing If You’re Really Behind

so, it happened.  you are behind on editing and it seems like the possibility of catching up is far fetched.  most of the time, this occurs with our personal photos.  if you are in business like me, editing client images becomes a first priority and my personal images stack up, unedited.  after my daughter was born, i simply got behind on editing.  life was busy and, while  i found time to pick up my camera to photograph, finding time to edit final images wasn’t happening.  before i knew it, she was 8 months old and i had 10,000 photos to sort through.  no joke, 10,000.  yes, they needed to be culled, but still.  10,000.  my first thought was, “she is going to be 1 year old in 4 months!  i want to make a photo book of her first year!”  i knew it was time to catch up on editing and, by doing 4 simple things, i caught up in about a month.  if you need to catch up on editing, try doing these 4 things and feel the relief!

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4 Tricks To Catch Up On Editing If You’re Really Behind

4 Tricks To Catch Up On Editing If You're Really Behind | Bethadilly Photography

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1.  Set A Daily Goal

for me, i wanted to catch up in a hurry.  the stress of being behind on editing was really getting to me, so i decided to set a daily goal to help me catch up on editing.  my goal was to edit a minimum of 10 images per day.  this meant, by the end of the day, i had at least 10 images that were fully edited and in their final state.  some days i did more, some days i did the minimum 10.  if sitting down daily to edit isn’t doable for you, set a weekly goal.  the point is, set a goal that includes a specific number of complete images in a specific amount of time.

2.  Dedicate A Time of Day For Editing

not everyone is an early bird like me, but i found that waking up about 2 hours before my baby in the morning allowed me to do a little editing.  while i didn’t edit for 2 solid hours (remember, i only needed 10 images a day), i made it a goal to begin my day with editing.  by starting my day with editing, i would really get into it and find that i would continue during nap time or after my daughter was in bed for the night.  seeing progress is motivating.  pick a time of day that is best for you and be consistent with it.  pour yourself a cup of a relaxing beverage and allow editing to be time for yourself.

3.  Share Images As You Go

there is a power of motivation that comes with sharing images.  as you are editing, be sure to share images along the way on social media.  for me, i found myself encouraged to edit because of all the kind comments and feedback i received on my images.  as you catch up on editing, use this as an opportunity to update your social media.

4.  Batch Edit When Possible

if possible, batch edit in lightroom when you can.  batch editing can be done when you are editing a set of photos all taken on the same day, in the same light.  batch editing allows you to edit the first picture from the set and then duplicate that edit on the remaining images.  of course, you will have to go through those images and be sure the batch edit was successful.  sometimes the light or white balance changes, even within minutes of taking two photos, so you may need to change your exposure or temperature as you check an image.  even if you have to make minor adjustments, batch editing can still save you time.

don’t let being behind on editing discourage you, it’s going to be okay.  by setting achievable editing goals, dedicating some time to edit, letting others encourage and enjoy your images as you edit and utilizing the batch editing feature in lightroom, you are bound to catch up on editing in no time!  hey, if all else fails…bribe yourself.  i used creating a photo book as a reward, so it’s totally okay to motivate yourself too.

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4 Tricks To Catch Up On Editing If You're Really Behind | Bethadilly Photography

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