frequently asked questions

i love answering your questions and sharing my journey with photography.  most of the questions that you may have for me have been asked many times before, and you will find the answers below!  my posts also contain the answers to most of your questions, so be sure to stay awhile and browse the blog!

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what photography gear do you use?

i shoot with a nikon d610 and a nikon d600.  i love to carry two cameras with me to my photography sessions because it allows me to put a lens on each camera to switch back and forth quickly, instead of having to take the time to change out lenses.  i adore my cameras and recommend them all day long!

what is your favorite lens?

without a doubt, my sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens is my favorite lens.  i love how the low aperture helps me achieve beautiful bokeh and soft images, while allowing me to raise my aperture to capture crisp family portraits.  this is my go-to lens for both my personal and professional photography and i rarely take it off of my camera.

how did you find your photography style?

finding my photography style was such wonderful journey that i wrote an eBook all about it called The Styled Photographer that helps photographers on their journey with finding their own unique photography style.

how did you create your websites?

i am obsessed with my websites and love how they turned out!  i used templates from Design Aglow for both my personal blog and professional website.

what photography workshops have you taken?

well, to be honest…none.  i am self-taught!  but i have been a mentor for Click it Up a Notch’s “Ultimate Intro to Photography” workshop and recommend it to everyone i know!  it is amazing.  to read more about why i love this workshop so much, check out my post about why i wish i would have taken this workshop when i first started photography.

how long did it take you to learn manual mode?

i actually just started shooting in manual mode in the winter of 2015 and, once i started photographing in manual mode, i never looked back.  manual mode gives me so much freedom to create the images i want to create, instead of what my camera wants to create.  to help me learn and understand manual mode, i read “The Unexpected Everyday” and was comfortably shooting in manual mode within days!  yes, days!  this eBook was one of the best photography purchases i made and has really helped me in my journey with photography.  seriously, go get this eBook.

what do you carry in your photography bag?

oh, so many lovely things!  in fact, there are so many lovely things that i wrote an entire post about it so check out what photography gear i use!

what photography bag do you recommend?

to be honest, a good photography bag should be your first purchase after getting a camera.  why!?  because your expensive gear needs to be protected!  my favorite photography bags are made by shutter|bag usa, and i am so obsessed that i have three…so far!

how do you get your dslr photos to instagram?

great question, i actually created a video tutorial that will walk you right through my process.  check it out!