The Styled Photographer eBook

it’s finally here, peeps!  i teamed up with Click It Up A Notch and wrote an eBook “The Styled Photographer” and it’s all about helping you find your own unique photography style.  you’ve been asking for it, and now you can take advantage of an entire guide focused on finding a photography style that represents you and your brand!  get your copy today and see why everyone is loving what’s inside of these pages.

The Styled Photographer

A Guide to Finding Your Unique Photography Style

The Styled Photographer

taking great photographs takes more than just technical skill.  think about your favorite photographers…they all have signature styles that set them apart and reflects their own particular perspective on the world.  that’s what you love about them!

if you’re ready to develop your own signature style, but aren’t sure where to start, “the styled photographer” is for you.

The Styled Photographer

The Styled Photographer is for…

anyone who wants to capture unique images they love + are proud of.

any photographer who’s ready to put their own stamp on their work.

professional photographers who are tired of attracting the wrong clients and doing work that doesn’t inspire them.

The Styled Photographer

walk away with a clearly defined style and a new confidence in your ability to reflect your style in any image you take.

 >> the styled photographer is sold exclusively on Click It Up A Notch. <<

The Styled Photographer