5 Mindful Ways To Protect Your Kids on Social Media

every parent of every generation has things to worry about specifically relating to the time in which they are raising their kids.  the things our parents worried about when we were children are different than the things we have to worry about.  just like the things our children will worry about when they parent will be completely different than what we worry about today.  while our parents didn’t have to worry about social media when we were younger, today parents are finding it a constant struggle to balance the fun of sharing on social media with the necessary privacy their children do deserve.  as you are posting on social media, be mindful about the way in which you share.  here are 5 things you should constantly be thinking of to protect your kids on social media.

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5 Mindful Ways To Protect Your Kids on Social Media

5 Mindful Ways To Protect Your Kids on Social Media | Bethadilly Photography

it is important to start off this post by saying that i am not telling you that you have to do all of these things, but these are things that you definitely need to be aware of when considering how to protect your kids on social media.  when social media first began, it was in the form of Facebook where you knew everyone you were “friends” with.  today, we have gone from “friends” to “followers,” which widens our audience to people we don’t know.  it is more important than ever that we take these things into consideration.  it’s also wise to remember that not every little detail of our life needs to be shared with everyone.  less is more.

1. Be Mindful of Details

while sharing photos of your children on social media, be sure to be mindful of the details in the surroundings of your photo.  make sure you aren’t posting photos of the front of your home, your address, schools, school bus numbers, or any other information that shows your exact location.  this is not only a safety thing when it comes to children, but a safety tip in general.  on the same note, when leaving for a vacation…do not post that you are leaving for vacation.  you are telling your audience not only where you are going, but you are also telling them that your home will be empty and unoccupied.  instead, begin sharing images after you come home from vacation.  sharing is sharing, it doesn’t have to be on the exact day you take the picture.

2. Make Your Concerns Known

if you are concerned about having your child on social media, be sure that your friends and family are aware of that and understand your stance.  for our child, we made it clear to our family and friends that we did not want her freely posted all over social media without our permission/approval.  because we set our expectations from the beginning, our family and friends happily ask our permission before sharing photos of our child.  remember, you are the parent and it is your choice.  having everyone on the same page is simple if you just speak up.

3. Consider Faceless

do you follow a bunch of people on instagram and know exactly who their kids are the instant they show up in your newsfeed, yet you don’t know them in real life.  think about that for a second.  we are making our children familiar to people who don’t know them.  consider posting faceless images of your children, or even photos of their profile instead of photos of them straight on.  faceless portraits are just as beautiful and you can still share fun images of your kids, while limiting information.  sharing whole images of your kids is okay, from time to time, but doing in all the time just makes them too familiar to others.

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4. Limit Information

limiting information is another easy way to protect your kids on social media.  instead of freely sharing their name online, omit their name or maybe give them a nickname.  i have seen so many people give their kids cute nicknames online, as a way of protecting their given name.  limiting information could be as simple as using their first initial instead of their whole name.

5. Consider Going Private

sharing images of your children on social media is really fun because, to be honest, it is the easiest way to share with friends and family.  however, does the whole world need to be in the know?  when it come to your children, probably not.  consider placing privacy restrictions on your social media to only allow people you know access to your photos.

it is important that we stop and really think about what we are posting to on social media.  to protect your kids on social media, simply be mindful.  really think about their privacy and honor that.  more than anything, i want my daughter’s privacy to simply be respected.  her privacy is hers and i want her to have a choice in how much of her life is shared with others.  when she grows, i want it to be her choice to share her life and so, today, i do all that i can to both respect her privacy but share our daily life in a more mindful way on social media.  to protect your kids on social media, be sure to keep these 5 tips in mind as you think about each and every picture you post.

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5 Mindful Ways To Protect Your Kids on Social Media | Bethadilly Photography

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