everyone has a story.  here is mine.

i am a wife to my dream guy.  he does the cooking, i do the dishes.  i am a momma to a sweet little lady.  she makes me swoon.  i am a perfectionist.  i am a mompreneur.  i prefer simplicity.  clutter makes me anxious.  i’m in love with candid photos because they tell the truest of stories.  i am a clean freak. cleaning day is always friday.  i like making lists.

i love crossing things off.  i like my family to color coordinate.  the label maker is the most genius tool ever.  my cell phone battery is always on the last 10%.  i reorganize when i am stressed.  instagram is my jam.  i am a control freak.  reality tv shows are my weakness.  coffee dates with my honey are a must.  i try to eat healthy, but love sugar.  target is my happy place.  doing laundry is relaxing to me.  i really like red wine.  i am glad you are here.