5 Tricks For Photographing From Above

one of my most favorite ways to photograph is from above.  i think it offers a really fun perspective and can make for some really interesting photographs.  i also really like the reaction i get when i share my images that i have photographed from above.  most people ask, “how did you doooooo that!?”  because i like to photograph from above a lot, i have developed quite a few tricks for being successful at it.  the next time you want to offer a new perspective, keep these 5 tricks for photographing from above in mind.

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5 Tricks For Photographing From Above

5 Tricks For Photographing From Above | Bethadilly Photography

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before anything else, it’s important that you keep safety your first priority when photographing from above.  always, always, always wear a camera strap when photographing from above.  never attempt taking a photograph from a high angle without wearing a camera strap.

1.  Use A Wide Angle Lens

wide angle lenses are the easiest way to get a photograph from above because you don’t have to get higher off of the ground to get the photo.  because a wide angle lens allows you to get more of the setting within the frame and is good for working in tight spaces, it allows you to photograph from above without stepping on a stool.  i photograph from above with my sigma art 24mm f/1.4 frequently, with my feet flat on the ground.

5 Tricks For Photographing From Above | Bethadilly Photography

2.  Use A Tilt Screen

one of my favorite things about the nikon d750 is the tilt screen on the back of the camera.  it allows you to tilt the screen forward and monitor your composition in LIVE view while you are pointing your camera down.  it allows me to hold my camera away from my body and photograph facing down, while the tilt screen allows me to see my photo.  this works really great when i want to photograph a baby lying in a crib.  it’s one of my favorite tricks for photographing from above.

5 Tricks For Photographing From Above | Bethadilly Photography

3.  Use A Step Stool

if you don’t have a tilt screen on your camera or a wide angle lens, one of the easiest tricks for photographing from above is using a simple step stool.  i like to carry a step stool with me to sessions for moments when i want to photograph from above with my 50mm lens.  its a quick and easy way to get a little height when i need it and works every time!  plus, you can move it around to achieve height in any situation, wherever you are.

4.  Look For Opportunities To Get Height

for those moments when you don’t have a step stool, look for natural areas in your surroundings that will give you height.  some areas around my house that offer me quick height are stairways, chairs, ottomans, etc.  again, be sure what you are stepping on will keep you safe before getting up high with your gear.

5.  Use The iPhone Front Facing Camera

there are going to be times when you really want to be the subject of the photo, but you don’t want to have a DSLR over the top of your head.  not to mention, it’s so heavy to lift!  for those times, i love using my iPhone and switching the camera to front facing (selfie style) so i can see my composition on the screen as i take the photo from above.  for the car photo at the top of this post, i raised and wedged my iPhone into the sunroof of my car and snapped the photo.  (anything for a photo, right?)

photographing from above is so much fun and really offers a unique perspective.  when done correctly, you will not only offer a fun perspective, but you will also be able to show surrounding elements within the photo that help to tell your story.  by using these trick for photographing from above, you are bound to be more successful with your photos the next time to see an opportunity to photograph this way.

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