A Letter To My Husband On Father’s Day

A Letter To My Husband On Father’s Day

A Letter To My Husband On Father's Day | Bethadilly Photography | www.bethadily.com

sunday, june 17th, 2018


happy father’s day!  your third one!  i know i tell you often, but i will tell you again.  you are the real deal.  and the more days i get to wake up next to you, the more i am sure of this.  you are the real deal.  you were meant to be a husband and a daddy and you take on both rolls perfectly.  you are the foundation for our family and i couldn’t put into words how much you mean to us.

a lot of couples look back on their life together and say, “did you ever think we would be where we are today, looking back on it all?”  but we aren’t like that.  we knew that today would look like this.  we planned for it.  we worked our butts off for it.  we daily made and make the choice to have our life together look the way that it does.  so yes, we knew what today would look like because we dreamed it and then made it happen.  we talk.  we plan.  we dream.  we do.  and in all of this, we do it completely together.  one hundred percent.

we were talking just the other day about how we have spent more than half of our life together and it’s truly amazing to think that we were just two kids when we met.  i will never forget when i first met you and how i had to pinch myself for the entire first year we dated because i couldn’t believe i was lucky enough to have found you.  i was only 15.  such a young girl, but i knew.  and so did you.  and that was the beginning of it all.  and truth be told, i still have to pinch myself.

we’ve been through just about our whole lives together, celebrating just about every major milestone one could celebrate.  when you went off to college a year before me is when i truly knew i never wanted to live this life without you.  i remember you coming home one weekend to visit and after the weekend was over, you called me on your way out of town.  you had only said goodbye to me in my parent’s driveway about 3 minutes before the phone call and i don’t know that you had even made it until the end of the street.  “i already miss you,” you said.  and i will never in my life forget that phone call.  it was such a simple call, only lasting moments.  but it was a testament to our future.  and i was feeling the same way.  there wasn’t a moment of that year apart that i didn’t miss you like crazy and i knew that having you in my life was what i wanted more than anything.

we’ve experienced so much together.  you gasped like crazy while teaching me to drive a stick shift car and still prefer being the one who drives us anywhere.  🙂   we spent late nights writing papers together, side by side, in college.  you always kept chocolate in your fraternity room for me, because you knew it would make studying that much sweeter.  we spent the best night ever surrounded by family in friends in may, exchanging rings and becoming husband and wife.  and for you to always tell me that our wedding was so perfect says so much about the guy you are.  most guys don’t care too much, but you couldn’t get enough of that day.  then later, we spent a week in cabo for our honeymoon, enjoying happy hour and talking about baby names.  we both agreed babies wouldn’t happen for awhile, because we just wanted to be “us” for awhile.

we bought our first home and damn were we proud of ourselves.  we worked so hard for that first home and we made it everything that it was.  it was the perfect place to come home to one another and we spent our first married years sharing a lot of laughter within those walls.  we’ve traveled and lived life fully, always putting one another first.  we have not only made our dreams come true, but we’ve held hands doing it.  i think that one of my favorite things about us is that we talk daily about everything.  we are always sharing our dreams about “what’s next” for us as a couple and as a family, and we make sure that we both achieve those dreams.  whether they are big dreams or small, we make them happen for one another.

when you turned over that pregnancy test in august 2015, we realized another dream was coming true.  we were going to be parents.  and you hugged me and said, “i told you everything was going to be okay!” as my hands trembled and my worry about whether i was pregnant or not went away.  and when you held our first little girl for the first time, it was the first baby you had ever held in your life.  you felt like such a rookie, but to our daughter and i…you were perfect.  and when our second baby girl was born, i loved you even more because the look in your eyes told me you felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

by this time, we have lost count of how many diapers we’ve changed.  we’ve had sleepless nights.  we’ve navigated this journey of parenthood together.  some days, we don’t know what we are doing and completely wing it.  but most days, we are so dang proud of what a perfect team we make.  and although mind reading seems impossible, it seems like you can read mine consistently.

i know we waited to have children so we could spend time being us, but we are still us today.  we are still us.  you might have a toddler hanging off your hip and i might have a newborn pulling on my hair, but when we look across the room we still see the same person.  and i thank you for that.  for always putting our daughters and i first, always.  i love you for always wanting to be us.

i love that it takes us over 2 hours to watch a 30 minute show on tv because we have to hit pause a million times because we want to talk.  i love that we talk about everything, from fears to dreams to what we want next in life.  i love that you kiss me every single morning before you leave for work.  every single morning.  i love that you call me from work, just to check in.  i love that we have always gone to bed at the same time.  even during both pregnancies, when i wanted to go to bed at 7:30pm…you were walking up the stairs behind me.  and sometimes you would watch a movie in bed, while the pregnancy exhaustion had me in a deep sleep, but i love that you just wanted to be next to me.

i love that our daughters see how much we love one another.  i can’t tell you how much i love that.  i love that your coming home from work is genuinely celebrated each day, as we sit on the front step and wave frantically at you as you pull up to our home.  i love that you listen.  and not only do you listen, but you take action.

i love that you let me cry.  and i know that it breaks you to see me cry sometimes, but i love that you thank me for talking to you about whatever worries me.  sometimes i just need to be heard and other times i need your help dealing with what is stressing me, but i love that you allow me that moment and then make everything better.  i love that you are the first person i want to tell everything to.  i am always talking a mile a minute when you get home from work because i missed adult interaction so much during my day and i love that, even though you are surely tired, that you listen to everything i have to say.

i love that you are proud of me.  if even for the little things, like taking care of the kids each day.  i love that you recognize that motherhood can be hard sometimes and that you tell me i am doing a great job.  i love that you encourage me to be myself, when sometimes i don’t know who that is.  i love that you tell me that i can do anything i want and be anything i want.  and i love that even though you know i am tired and that the late night feedings with the baby are something only i can do because she won’t take a bottle, that you ask me repeatedly how you can help.  sometimes you tell me you will wake up in the middle of the night, just to keep me company.  and during those newborn days, even though you could have been sleeping, i love that you stayed awake with me.

i love that you ask my opinion on everything and you genuinely want to know.  i love that you value me and you think my opinion is important.  i love that we have had maybe 3 fights and we can’t really remember what a single one was about.

i love the way that you love me.  i love the way that you love our girls.

you are the real deal.  you are the best husband and father.

i hope that i am just as much your everything as you are mine because you are my person.  and even though there are days when you come home and i am a wreck from being spit up on or my patience has been tested a million times, i love that you are so selfless and instantly go into daddy mode so that i can have a moment to myself.

thank you for everything you do and everything that you are.  thank you for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

happy father’s day.  this day is for you.

i love you,


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