An American Girl Doll Birthday Brunch

having just received a real live baby sister in january, we noticed how sweet our two year old was with babies so it only seemed perfect that she get a baby of her own for her second birthday.  with a ballerina birthday party scheduled with friends for her over of the weekend, we wanted to do something just as a family with her on her actual birthday.  i’ve mentioned before that my husband and i are really intentional about creating experiences for our girls.  experiences not only facilitate learning and wonderment, but they also create memories.  i briefly debated whether she was too young for an american girl doll birthday brunch, but she quickly showed us she was ready for such a fun outing and baby doll responsibility from the moment we arrived at the store/restaurant.

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An American Girl Doll Birthday Brunch

An American Girl Doll Birthday Brunch | Bethadilly Photography |

i could talk about this husband of mine all day long, but the best thing about him is how wonderful of a daddy he is.  a girl daddy.  i really can’t tell you how much fun we are both having, being parents of two girls!  we are so so lucky!  he is only too happy to wear a crown and sit at our daughter’s tea table or pitch in helping put bows in their hair as we rush out the door.  and he didn’t even bat an eye when our sweet girl pulled him into the doll store and picked out her very first bitty baby.  he helped her find one that looked just like her, with blonde hair and blue eyes.  he even asked if we should buy some accessories and clothes too, but we settled on starting with the doll.  🙂  he even helped name her betty.  betty the baby, how cute is that!  everyone says how lucky he is to be surrounded by such beautiful girls, but we are luckier to have such a guy.  he is the real deal.

our american girl doll birthday brunch was so much fun.  the waitress brought a little highchair for betty the baby to sit in next to our daughter’s high chair.  once seated, she brought the doll a “cup of tea” that thrilled all of us to pieces.  our birthday girl had so much fun taking turns sipping tea from the tiny cup (with her little finger in the air!) and feeding tea to her baby.  and that little tea saucer made for a perfect hat!  when she wasn’t holding her baby’s hand or sharing her birthday cookie with her, she had fun pointing out her eyes, nose and ears for us.  bless her heart, she was so ready to have a dolly of her own.  any doubt that i previously had about whether she was ready or not for a bitty baby were quickly squashed.

and now that we are home, she and betty are the best of friends.  she also got the cutest new doll highchair for her birthday and loves putting her in and taking her out of it.  all in all, it was a great birthday and something that my husband definitely want to do with our girls again soon.

An American Girl Doll Birthday Brunch | Bethadilly Photography |

and this little 3 month cutie pie slept through the entire outing, until we sang happy birthday!  then she promptly woke up to join in the fun and wish her sweet big sister a happy birthday.

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  • Rebekah - Ours loves her bitty baby! My husband also picked her out for our daughter, but we choose to give her the baby at the arrival/meeting of her new sister! It has been so fun to watch her develop into a care giver of the baby – rocking, feeding, patting, pushing around, and putting her to bed. Can’t wait to see the adventure pictures down the road!ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - awe, that is such a great big sister gift!! and yes, it is so much fun watching them be little mamas with their doll…i love it so much!ReplyCancel