Baby’s First Year Photo Album

for those of you who have followed along with me since i had our first baby, you know that i took over 10,000 photos of her first year.  yes, you read that right.  (in case you missed it, i wrote an ebook about how to photograph your baby’s first year to inspire new mamas with their cameras).   when i was growing up, my mama was always wonderful about documenting our childhood in pictures.  and being that my childhood didn’t have digital cameras, she was also diligent about printing those photos and placing them beautifully in albums upon albums upon albums.  when i was little, i used to pour over those albums, as my mama would retell funny stories about me at a young age and walk down memory lane herself.  even when my boyfriend (now husband) came over, we would have some laughs as we turned each page and i showed him my childhood.  i also placed a huge emphasis on how darling i was as a baby, to reel him in.  (i mean, it totally worked.  married for 10 years with our second baby on the way.  i knew what i was doing.)  all of these things come to mind as i dreamed of our baby’s first year photo album and i knew that i had to follow in my mama’s footsteps and create books upon books for my daughter to see.  and to show her boyfriend, should my husband ever allow her to date…which is highly unlikely.

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after her first birthday party was enjoyed and photographed (if you missed it, click here to see), i went into full “baby’s first year photo album” mode.  i knew immediately that i wanted to make her album through artifact uprising because their photo books are simply stunning and timeless.  i like to have keepsakes that are like my home and my style, simple and timeless.  it may have taken me a few hours to put together (mostly because i am all about the details and i was equally crying as i was picking out the pictures), but creating a photo book through artifact uprising is so simple!  in the end, i love that her first year album starts with pictures of her in the hospital and ends with her at her first birthday party, with all the best moments in between.

Baby’s First Year Photo Album

Baby's First Year Photo Album | Bethadilly Photography

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