The Bethadilly 52 Week 17 – Framing

with the photography skill for week 17 of The Bethadilly 52 being framing, i was looking out for opportunities to frame my little girl in her surroundings all week.  and this week, it happened to mean also photographing a major milestone as well!  for the past couple of weeks, our little one has been trying to pull up on things and getting herself up on her knees.  as a new mama, this comes with a lot of gasping on my end as i am so terrified of her getting high off the ground!

i decided to place her in her crib, as a way of framing her within the crib rails as she played and crawled around.  but then, she stood!  she just grabbed right on to the side of her crib and pulled herself up.  and i was right there, will my camera in hand!  of course, i took this photo really quick and rushed to her, fearing she would fall.  but she didn’t.  it’s moments like these that remind me why i am so thankful that i always have my camera handy.  because years from now, i will look back on this photo and be able to relive the moment she stood for the first time.

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The Bethadilly 52 Week 17 – Framing

The Bethadilly 52 Week 17 - Framing | Bethadilly Photography

this photo was achieved using : nikon d750 and sigma art 24mm f/1.4 lens.

my settings were : ISO 800 | f/2.0 | 1/100ss

 . . .

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