Cheerios, Cheerios, Cheerios

we have a little love for plain cheerios at our house.  they really are the perfect, no mess snack and you can really eat them anywhere.  and sometimes, when the light is right and we have a new bonnet, that means have a little cheerio photoshoot in the afternoon.  june isle clothier sent us this adorable juniper bonnet for baby no. 2, but i just had to try it on my first because she loves wearing little bonnets.  and ohmygosh, she looked so darn sweet in it.  i swear, everything about these photos give me all the feels.  from the dimpled hands, to those little lips, to that bonnet and the little curls that peek out from underneath it.  gah!  this might be one of my favorite photo series of her.   and now, this little bonnet is tucked away for our little winter baby to be.

at 16 months, she loves to put things in jar…especially food.  i put her cheerios in a little mason jar and she loves eating a couple and then plopping them in the jar.  and when she isn’t munching on her cheerios or plopping them in the jar, she is sharing some with mama.  she loves, loves, loves to share her snack with others.  unless it is blueberries, of course.  those are too good to share and i can’t blame her.  this age is proving to be my favorite, as she follows simple directions so easily and loves sitting like a big girl at her little table.

Cheerios, Cheerios, Cheerios

Cheerios, Cheerios, Cheerios | Bethadilly Photography

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