Cookies For Santa + A Little Nibble

To be fair, these Christmas photos were edited and exported the day after Christmas, patiently awaiting a quiet afternoon when I could sit and share them.  Yes, it’s January and I am posting about Christmas, but such is the life of a busy mommy.  Although, waiting to share these has given me the gift of reliving these sweet moments again in pictures.  It was a sweet Christmas at our house.  The girls are at perfect ages to really participate in the magic and a favorite memory was making cookies for Santa.  Our oldest is always eager to fetch her stool so that she can help cook in the kitchen and she had a wonderful time making Christmas cookies with me this year.  I have to say, one of her favorite parts about baking is sitting patiently in front of the oven while they bake.  I always wonder if she will tire of watching the slow rise of our baked goods, but she always sits there from the moment they go in until the moment the timer goes off.

She personally selected each color of frosting and took pride in creating the most darling Christmas cookies for Santa.  Of course, we had to taste test them and they were just as yummy as they were pretty.  While I always wish I could slow time and keep our girls little, watching them grow and become more involved is so incredibly fun.  I love seeing their reactions, as they experience new things like frosting cookies and enjoying that perfect pairing of cookies with milk.

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Cookies For Santa + A Little Nibble

Cookies For Santa + A Little Nibble | Bethadilly Photography |

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