Cricut Planner Stickers : How To Design & Cut Stickers

If there is one thing that I love when it comes to scheduling, it’s a good planner.  And I am not talking about a digital planner, but a nice paper and pencil planner that I can write and erase in.  I have been using a planner since grade school and it’s one of my guilty pleasures.  With two little kids with a lot of activities, plus a lot of activities of my own, my planner is something that I reference on an hourly basic.  A really fun way to dress up my planner and help me organize my tasks is with planner stickers.  Creating Cricut planner stickers are really easy and the best thing is that they are super customizable!  You can start with a list of your activities and tasks, then start creating Cricut planner stickers that will help you organize them!  This tutorial is a must-see and this craft is a must-create!

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Cricut Planner Stickers : How To Design & Cut Stickers

Cricut Planner Stickers : How To Design & Cut Stickers |

I am really excited about how these Cricut planner stickers turned out.  Even though this craft was initially challenging for me, it turned out to be much easier than I thought!  I love that Cricut planner stickers are easily customizable for each person, as you personalize the tasks and activities that you need stickers for and the colors of stickers that you’d like to create!  In the tutorial below, you will learn how to create Cricut planner stickers from beginning to end.  Below the tutorial, you will also find a source list of all the materials and tools you’ll need to create your own Cricut planner stickers too!



Cricut Maker –

Brayer Tool –

Blue Cricut Mat –

Sticker Paper –

Simplified Planner –

. . . . .

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Cricut Planner Stickers : How To Design & Cut Stickers |

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