Cricut Vinyl Picture Frame : Beginner Tutorial

I recently came across a picture frame at the craft store that I knew I could easily recreate with my Cricut machine.  With a blank wood sign, some vinyl, and a few additional tools I was able to make a Cricut vinyl picture frame that closely resembled something that I could have purchased at the craft store.  And it turned out really neat!  One of my favorite things about crafting is the ability to recreate things that I see and to further make them in the exact way that I would like.  I am so excited to show you the process for creating this beautiful Cricut vinyl picture frame and to inspire you to recreate one to give to someone because this would make the perfect gift!

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Cricut Vinyl Picture Frame : Beginner Tutorial

Cricut Vinyl Picture Frame : Beginner Tutorial |

This picture frame idea is very basic and simple, making it a very beginner friendly craft.  While it does require a little bit of patience during the weeding process, the final result is definitely worth it.  I can’t wait to inspire you with this Cricut vinyl picture frame and to show you each step!  Additionally, be sure to check out the source list below the video to see what tools and materials are needed to recreate this look!  Even more, I am going to show you where you should keep an eye out for wooden blanks!



Explore Air 2 –

 Tool Set –

 Scraper –…

 Measuring Tape –

 Gridlined Clear Transfer Tape –

 Blue Cricut Mat –

 Cricut Vinyl –

 White Chalk Paint –

 Glue Gun –


Wood Sign

Feather Font –…

. . . . .

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Cricut Vinyl Picture Frame : Beginner Tutorial |

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