Taking Back The Blog : Happy Changes For The Bethadilly Blog

for about the past couple months, i have been contemplating a little change.  to be honest, i think having a baby encourages one to really take a step back and look at how they spend their time.  as of late, most of my time is spent being a mama.  and in those few hours a day when i have some time for myself, it has been really eye opening and enlightening to see how i choose to spend my time.  for me, i find relaxation in editing and photographing.  in learning new things.  in taking photography classes.  in challenging my skill and being intentional about growth with my photography.  all of this has lead me to looking back at my blog and it’s definitely time for happy changes for the bethadilly blog.

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Taking Back The Blog : Happy Changes For The Bethadilly Blog

Taking Back The Blog : Happy Changes For The Bethadilly Blog | Bethadilly Photography

for those of you who have been with me for awhile, i originally started this blog in 2012-ish for personal posts.  a place for me to write about our life, my journey with photography and my thoughts.  it was my own little piece of the internet to just share and connect with others.  since then, it took a tutorial turn.  my journey with photography took a huge turn and i started being viewed as someone to turn to for photography advice.  it was and is awesome and humbling to know that others look to me for inspiration and photography advice…it truly still amazes me that i inspire people with my work.

instead of writing about my life and my thoughts, my posts started turning towards photography tutorials and tips & tricks.  and while it has been fun and i have learned so much about photography by teaching you all, it is time to take back my blog and get back to the basics.  it’s time to remember why i started this blog in the first place and to turn it back towards my personal journey with photography, life, motherhood, etc.

Taking Back The Blog : Happy Changes For The Bethadilly Blog | Bethadilly Photography

so what does this look like?  will i never write about lenses and the rule of thirds ever again?  of course not!  from time to time, i will share some tips and tricks as i learn about photography and continue my own journey with my camera.  and hint, hint…I just finished my next photography ebook and have about 3 more in the works!

but for the most part, i am taking back my blog and taking it back to a place where i can share about our daily life.  where i can write about my journey with photography, my struggles and my triumphs.  where i can write about motherhood.  where i can write about what i am learning and what i am interested in.

it’s just time to go back to the basics.  and for me, that means having a place to share my images and write about life.

instead of being solely a blog for photography education, i am taking steps to turning the bethadilly blog back towards a lifestyle blog.

one of my favorite things about my following is that you all have always been extremely supportive.  my inbox is always full of beautiful compliments and thank yous for my posts.  and for that, i thank you.  while i love teaching you all, it is time for me to get back to what i truly love.  and what i truly love is learning about photography myself and being a student too.  while being the teacher is fun, i really like being the student.  i love taking photography classes and simply writing about my photos.

for awhile i have felt that i can’t write a post unless it teaches someone something.  but sometimes, i just want to write.  sometimes i just want to share images.  i want to turn this blog back to what it used to be, a place for me to share and grow.  a place for me.

i have prayed about this change and i feel a little freedom in hitting the “publish” button on this post.  i hope you will stick around and continue to join me in my journey with photography, as i learn new things and begin being an intentional student of photography.  i truly believe that one can never stop learning and i am thankful for all the photography has taught me and for all that i am yet to learn.

and if you are still reading this, you deserve an ice cream sunday.  you truly deserve an ice cream sunday.

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  • Shari - I am super excited to see this change! I love your personal posts, as well as your photography tips. My blog is always evolving and changing as I do. Best of luck in your new direction. Thanks for taking us all along for the ride! ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Thank you so much, Shari! I am so happy you enjoy my personal posts as well, as they are truly what I love to write! Thank you for your support and for sticking around!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - It’s been fun to see you morph and change and grow. And your recent changes in photography and now this strike me as true to the inner you. Bravo for listening and following. A friend recently told me how interesting it was for her to read my old blog posts — because while it was me, it was me at a clearly different place on my journey. So while you are in some ways going back to what your blog was originally, it will be with the beautiful new frame of reference you operate in now.ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - That is so nice and profound, Nancy! You always know just what to say! And yes, I think there comes a point in life when you start seeing how fragile your time is and it brings beautiful clarity to start doing what you truly love with it. Thanks for always being so supportive!ReplyCancel

  • Mandi - I think that this is a great place to go with your blog. My website was originally a blog and I enjoyed it so much, and now it is solely for my business. However I also want to take a “part” of it back and take to blogging again. Kudos for you for doing what is right for yourself, and I cannot wait to see more post.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Well do e Bethany.  I have loved reading your blog and I have learnt so much about photography from you.   I am looking forward to reading your new style blog.   Best wishes ❤ReplyCancel

  • Whitney - Oh my gosh!!  I love this!!  I’m excited for you and feel we all need to dip our toes back into the blogging we use to love.  I feel like once we got into the “photo business” our blogs had to solely reflect that.  I’m excited to see the momma and more personal side to you shine!  Blog away! ReplyCancel

  • Donna - One of the things you used to do (which I always looked forward to seeing) was your monthly recap of photos with lens and settings. It was pretty cool to see all of that. Either way – whatever you post – it’ll always be interesting if you are personally enjoying doing it. Joy has a way of shining out and touching all of those around you.ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Thank you, Donna! If you have noticed, I have been posting single everyday images most days on my blog and I have been including my gear and settings in each of those posts. Hope you enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • Petra - Hi Bethany, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are doing for us! You are so inspiring and no matter what you are writing about I’m always learning 🙂 can’t wait to read more ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Bethany, thanks so much for all you have done to promote photography through your blog. Your pictures and posts are always so inspirational, and I have learned so much. That being said Good for you!, its your blog and you should blog what makes you happy and whats most important in your life, and we should all feel free and not stressed about growing and making changes. Your baby and family are what matters most. As a mother of three and grandmother of ten, I know first hand those days will forever change your life and will go by so fast. Having a blog/ journal of those experiences and images are priceless. Good luck, I will continue to watch and learn whatever you share will us. Best wishes,ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - Thank you so much, Michelle! You are so right, this time is so fleeting! It’s a little change that will still allow me to have the best of both worlds! I appreciate your support and sweet note!ReplyCancel

  • kim - YOU deserve an ice cream sunday. 🙂ReplyCancel