Letters To My Little One | 34 Weeks in My Belly

Letters To My Little One | 34 Weeks in My Belly

Letters To My Little One | 34 Weeks in My Belly

thursday, march 10, 2016

good afternoon, little baby!

well, you actually aren’t so little anymore…you are practically 5 lbs!  and everyone keeps telling mommy that she looks like she is trying to hide a volleyball under her shirt!  you have been more active than ever lately and sometimes i just sit and watch my belly move and give you little baby massages to let you  know that i am here.

mommy wasn’t feeling too good last week, so daddy took her to the doctor.  ended up being…mommy was just hungry which made her feel too dizzy.  i tell you, even with one hundred snacks a day you still are eating everything i eat.  but i know you are growing so big and strong, so i just keep snacking and snacking and pray that i can get just a little bit of it for myself!  but the best part about not feeling well last week was that the doctor ordered a sonogram to make sure you were doing okay.

so on march 4th, a whole 3 months after our last 20 week ultrasound with you, we got to see your cute face again for the first time in 13 weeks!  you have changed so much and it was so lovely to finally get another little peek at you.  your daddy and i were glued to the screen as the doctor introduced us to you again.  we saw you open and close your eyes and look around, we saw that you have some hair on your head, and we even saw your cute little lips and nose as you playfully stuck your tongue in and out and curled your hand by your face.

daddy said that he never thought a friday night in the emergency room could be so amazing and that it was the best friday night ever.  once we left, we went out on a late dinner date and, being new parents already, we talked about you the entire time.  you are so unbelievably loved and i will never be able to tell you how excited we are to meet you in the next 6 weeks.  i have never seen your daddy so excited.

lately you love pears, sea salt popcorn and we can’t get enough spicy food.  your poor daddy walks through the door after work almost every evening to find adobe chicken on the table.  it’s our favorite lately, in all it’s brown rice, spicy tomato and monterray jack cheese glory.  in fact, we are having it tonight after i finish this letter.  i just texted your daddy, “adobe chicken party, tonight!?” and he lovingly agreed.

we get to see the doctor again tomorrow and mommy has her list of questions ready!  the day before our appointment, we always come up with my list of questions to ask the doctor.  it’s more like “mommy’s list of things she worries about.”  like that one time i asked if bending over would break your leg.  or the other time when i asked if you could kick through the placenta because you were getting some pretty powerful jabs in.  or that other time that i asked if eating hot soup would burn you.  yeah, most of the time they keep a straight face but they laughed at the soup question.  but, daddy lovingly says i like to worry…it’s just the way mommy is.

6 more saturdays until our weekend coffee dates are for three instead of two.  you are already growing too quickly and while i am wishing time will hurry up so we can finally be a family of three, i want time to slow back down the moment you are here.

love you, sweet honey!


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