Letters To My Children | 16 Months + 20 Weeks (In My Belly)

Letters To My Children | 16 Months + 20 Weeks (In My Belly)

Letters To My Children | 16 Months + 20 Weeks (In My Belly) | Bethadilly Photography

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friday, september 1, 2017

dear babies,

life is just so good.

with summer coming to a close and mama reaching 20 weeks pregnant, we are reminded that our family is that much closer to growing by one more.  we will have a house full of more toes, more love, and more fun.  we aren’t ones to wish time to hurry by, especially these days, but we are also anxious to start another adventure with two babies under two!  these days mean everything to us.

to my oldest:

my goodness, have you changed in the past month!  i feel like daddy and i are on repeat because we are always telling each other, “look at how much she has grown and learned!”  you are just learning so much, these days.  we finally completed our 1000 books read together and you have developed a few favorites along the way.  you love to hand us books to read and will even grab our hands to place the books in.  your favorite books right now are big little, your baby’s first word will be dada (eye roll), and spot’s birthday party.  you really love the interactive books where you can open and close the flaps on each page.

you may have said “dada” first, but you were first to give mama kisses!  you started giving mama kisses this week and it is the best feeling in the entire world.  now you love to give everything kisses, from your stuffed animals to characters in your book.  you are too precious for words.  i cannot even describe how sweet you are.  and soon you will be giving kisses to your new baby brother or sister, which melts my heart.

you still prefer crawling and standing, but are yet to walk.  you are so cautious and just love holding onto mama and dada’s hand.  you did, however, take two steps on your own on tuesday!  mama actually cried.  seriously, she did.  i was so excited for you and you just did it out of the blue.  i think walking will be any day now, so look out world!  i think you are waiting to walk because mama is always telling you to stop growing!  you are such a good listener.

i love love love everything about you.  from the way you hand me your blanket every morning to the way you say “dada” all the time to the way you wave hello and bye bye to everyone, especially the shoppers at target.  we are having so much fun everyday, even more now that you are officially down to one nap a day.  instead of an afternoon nap, we now spend our time reading stories, playing in your new play kitchen, and working on stacking blocks.  just seeing how much you’ve changed in just one month leaves me really excited to see what you will be like in the next month.

to my littlest:

you finally started kicking at exactly 18 weeks!  you especially love to kick when mama eats apples with peanut butter, that is your favorite!  you don’t react much to spicy food, like your sister did, but mama loves spicy food all the same.  last night you were really kicking up a storm at bedtime and daddy felt your rambunctious kicks.  i love waking up and falling asleep to your little kicks, it makes me whole.

we have been spending a lot of time preparing your nursery and your big sister has been a lot of help.  she has helped me fold all of your little clothes, organize your baby things in your dresser, put the crib together with daddy, and test drive all your new toys.  you are going to love your new room and your new sister, both are perfectly made for you.

if the first 20 weeks went by as fast as they did, mama knows that if we blink we will find ourselves in january meeting you!  i got so excited last night, i think because of all the kicking.  just knowing how amazing your sister is, we are so excited to meet you and learn just how special and amazing you are too.  life always seems to surprise us with the best things, so we know the future is going to be full of happiness for us four.

love, mama

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