Letters To My Children | March 2018

Letters To My Children | March 2018

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Letters To My Children | March 2018 | Bethadilly Photography

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two month old: sweater / bow

two year old: bow / bracelets

wednesday, march 14, 2018

dear babies,

hello, my little honey bunnies!  we are officially two months into being a family of four and both of you are growing way too fast.  i tell myself every day, “they won’t be as young again as they are in this moment,” for every minute you literally become older.  sometimes it is refreshing knowing that every minute we are closer and closer to ending the endless diapers, but most of the time i am saddened that these days of you being little are fleeting.  so i soak in every moment, whether it is a sweet and calm moment or a noisy and crying moment.  you are both our greatest adventure and we are cherishing these days.

to my oldest:

i am truly surprised with how helpful you are.  it isn’t the helpfulness that surprises me, but that i still see you as a tiny baby and i am surprised with how much you are capable of.  you are proving me to every single day that you are a big girl, as you hand me blankets and burp cloths for your sister, or help me pick up something off the floor when i am juggling your squirmy sister in my arms.  i am learning to accept the fact that you are growing into a little girl, but cling onto the idea that you are still my little baby.  you will always be my little baby.

well, ms. smartie girl…you have officially graduated from speech therapy!  you were supposed to have an entire year of speech therapy, but it turns out that you only needed 6 months!  when mama told your teacher how many words you can say now, she was blown away and said you are good to go.  we are so proud of you!  now we are working on two word phrases and you are just now starting to play around with that idea.  the other day you said, “night night jake,” to the puppy at bedtime and “dada hi!” when your daddy came home.  while you are not consistently talking in two word phrases, you aren’t expected to for another couple of months so we are super excited that you are already trying!

while we are laughing about it now, we certainly weren’t laughing about the “pea incident” that took place on a pretty afternoon on february 27th.  good lordy, girl.  5 peas up your nose?  mama was equally horrified and impressed.  i didn’t realize anything was wrong until i saw you stick your finger up your nose and i thought, “that is interesting, she never sticks her finger in her nose.”  it only took you doing that once again for me to notice the green color in your right nostril.  i will always remember that initial panic i felt when i realized that you did indeed push a pea into your nose.  it wasn’t until i took it out that i realized…there is still green in there!  mama was able to remove 4 peas before taking you to the pediatrician to remove the 5th…and to ensure that 5 was the final number.  despite all the ruckus, you were quite a happy little girl.  thank goodness your grandparents were visiting so they could watch your little sister while we went on our adventure to the pediatrician, who was equally impressed that you managed to fit 5 peas into your tiny nose.  i think that was our grand introduction into toddlerhood.  where you are proving to be more and more independent, you are also proving that you need constant eye on you too.  sneaky little sweetie.

i can’t help but hold you a little tighter this month because i know it is our final month before you turn 2.  how can that even be?  it seems like you were just turning 1, let alone just being born.  i hold you close every day, but i am holding you just a tad closer right now.  as if i can pause time, just for a second, with each squeeze.  and so this your final letter from mommy, as a 1 year old.  goodness, i may cry.

to my youngest:

in so many ways you are changing all at once.  at around 7 weeks, your nightly crying turned completely off and you started to have an easier “witching hour.”  and right around the same time, you really started smiling for us.  before that, you would smile off and on, but now you are sharing some of the sweetest little smiles.  sometimes mama is lucky enough to get a picture of one, but i mostly just savor them and live in the moment with you.

at two months, you are such a strong baby.  you are the master of tummy time and, although you dislike it, you do very well at it.  you can lift your head really high and you are learning to push up with your arms.  you prefer laying on your back and looking up at the ceiling, especially the wooden beams in the playroom or at the ceiling fan in mama and daddy’s room.  you love the bold contrast and find it fascinating.  just this week you started to really study our faces. you are going through your second leap (as we know through reading the wonder weeks), which is encouraging you to learn more about patterns.  instead of looking towards the outside edges of our faces, you are looking right at us and noticing the patterns that make up our faces.  it’s so sweet to look at you and have you looking right back!

while you are every bit like your sister in looks, we laugh at how different you two are.  to name and few (and so i will always remember this list): you love your carseat and car rides, your sister did not.  you sleep in the car, your sister did not and still does not.  you love having your diaper changed, your sister did not and…still does not.  you are rather fussy, while your sister wasn’t as much.  you love to sleep all the time, while your sister was awake, awake, awake from the moment she was born.  while those are the only differences so far, we are sure to see more and more as you grow.

as you are growing and becoming more aware of the ones that surround you, you have become quite fond of your sister.  you really love it when she lays on the playmat with you and makes the owl “hoot.”  she equally loves the fact that she can show you new things and that you just watch her do it all.  it is really sweet to watch the two of you together as you learn more about one another each day and learn to become sisters.

as for sleep, you are a wonderful sleeper during the day.  you only like to be awake for an hour at a time, which gives us just enough time to breastfeed, change your diaper, and play and socialize for a few minutes before you are showing signs that you want to go back to sleep.  as for the nighttime, you are starting to get into a sleep routine.  you are usually asleep by 9:45, after about an hour of trying to get you to sleep, and you usually sleep until about 3:00.  then you get a quick diaper change and feed and are back to sleep until around 6:30ish.  this has been your schedule pretty consistently for the past few evenings so we are thinking you are finally getting into a routine that works for you.  and it works for mama too!  i am loving the idea of getting little more sleep again.

as we head into spring, we have a lot of fun things coming up.  we have a 2 year old to celebrate, Easter (i am in love with your Easter baskets this year), and some fun family adventures with the four of us.  it seems like there are always wonderful things to look forward to as we grow as a family and you both sure make this life of ours so much fun.  we love this family of ours and can’t wait to start another day of memories each and every day.

i love you both, endlessly.


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