Letters To My Little One | 26 Weeks In My Belly

Letters to My Little One | 26 Weeks In My Belly

Letters to My Little One | 26 Weeks In My Belly | bethadilly photography

tuesday,  january 19, 2016

hello peanut!

you are quite the little rascal, according to your daddy.  you just move and move, and kick away all day.  it is the most amazing feeling i have ever felt and, even though i am so excited to hold you in my arms, i think i will miss your little kicks.  i wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night feeling you move around in there and it just makes everything about me smile.  and your daddy loves to feel you kick and move around, as he exclaims, “geez!” and “whoa!” when you high five and cuddle against his palm.  even your little puppy brothers crave your kicks, as they lay their heads on my belly to wait for a little bump, bump from you.

you finally experienced hiccups for the very first time last tuesday, at 25 weeks 4 days.  even though i thought i felt them before that, i wasn’t certain until i felt them last week.  those were definitely hiccups and i couldn’t help but giggle as you hiccuped away before finally falling asleep.  it was simply darling.  and we count your kicks every single day.  the doctor said you should kick 10 times within 2 hours and…you kicked 10 times in 41 seconds last monday!  oh my goodness, did we laugh!  we have been tracking your times and you have definitely set a new record.

as i am finally feeling ready to eat more than just spaghetti, we are enjoying all sorts of yummy things.  and we sure are drawn to anything spicy!  and grapes.  spicy and grapes.  so random, but sure delicious.  but it’s still the oatmeal that you adore the most.  we can feel both legs and arms wiggling around in there after a good bowl of cranberry apple walnut oatmeal.  oatmeal for the win!

and the one thing that i wonder every day is…are you a little lady or are you a little gent?  waiting to find out until the day you make your debut has been such a fun adventure for your daddy and me.  it’s the only thing your daddy has ever wanted, as he thinks it is the only true surprise in life.  and i can’t wait to see the look on his face on your birthday when he tells me what you are.  lady or gent, we don’t care.  we just want you.

but i think i have a feeling of what you are.  i think i do.  i make your daddy laugh as i take all the gender quizzes and read all of the old wives tales to predict what you are.  and really, some of the quizzes are so so silly.  but i am obsessed with taking them and bribing you to reveal what you are.  often i will ask you, “kick once if you are a girl and kick twice if you are a boy.”  and every time, you do something different.  you are teasing me, i am sure of it. but i love you for it, because i truly love the surprise.

i had an amazing dream about your great grandpa the other day, whom i miss dearly.  in my dream i was dancing with him, as he congratulated me on expecting you.  it made me wake up feeling so content, knowing that he knew about you.  even though it is silly because i know you are with him right now, just waiting until the day when you get to be with us.  in my dream, i asked him if he would tell me if you were a boy or a girl and…he did!  i excitedly asked, “but why would you tell me?”  and he told me, “because i am so tired of watching you take all those silly gender predictor tests!”  that’s your great grandpa for you, always so funny.  i woke up laughing and couldn’t wait to tell your daddy all about my special dream.

until we see you, i know you are being well taken care of.  there are so many amazing people in heaven taking care of you, and i know they will each give you a kiss before they give you to me.  give them a kiss back for me, okay?  i know every day that we are already so lucky to have you and i can’t wait to start this new life will you holding each of our hands.  it’s going to be amazing.

love, mommy

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  • Lindsey Boden - These posts about make me cry every time! It’s so amazing how much you love the peanut already. I don’t know how you are staying sane without knowing the gender, that would drive me nuts!ReplyCancel