Letters To My Little One | Nine Months Old

Letters To My Little One | Nine Months Old

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Letters To My Little One | Nine Months Old | Bethadilly Photography

tuesday, january 10, 2017

hello doll!

did i really just write 2017?  while i know it to be true, it just doesn’t seem possible.  happy new year, doll!  while i usually find the new year to be refreshing and exciting, i was hesitant to say goodbye to 2016.  it was and will always be the year of you!  it was your year, the year i waited for and it was a little hard to say goodbye.  but time is for real and it passes all to quickly, a lesson that motherhood teaches me every single day.

your daddy too.  just about every night he says, “she’s getting so big,” or “she’s growing so fast.”  to which i reply, “stop!  i know!”  it is something i realize every single day, as it seems like you change daily at this point.  there are days when i walk into your room after you wake up, only to think, “you grew!”  i was talking to your great grandmother on the phone just after christmas and we were sharing baby stories of you and of my aunts and uncles.  she agreed that growth is real and that, as mothers, we can actually see it happening.  it’s true that, at times, you look to have grown overnight and your great grandmother confirmed that she felt the same about her babies.

this past month found us enjoying your very first christmas.  i spent months, and maybe even years, imagining what our first christmas would be like and it was every bit what i hoped it would be.  just watching you take in the moment, unwrap presents, and stare at your new things with such curiosity made the holiday so much fun.  we loved every moment of the day with you and it was proven again that you are one very loved little girl.  we are so lucky to be surrounded by family that completely adores you.

you have become quite the little chatterbox and love to say, “dada dadadadada!”  you wake up saying it, say it as you play, say it during diaper changing, and even when you are waiting to eat.  i think it goes without saying that your daddy is thrilled.  you have stolen his heart all over again and listening to you babble over and over just melts his heart.  we love love love listening to you talk and squeak, and agree that it is the most darling sound.

as for your appetite, you were just introduced to kale and black beans.  you seem to like both, but nothing compares to your love for butternut squash and oatmeal.  i can barely feed you fast enough when they are on the menu.  we also tried pancakes for the first time 2 days ago and you completely adored them.  we sat down as a family and ate pancakes together, allowing you to feed yourself.  while we put a lot of pieces on your high chair tray, we think you ate about 3 pieces. you mostly played and explored.  feeding yourself is more about the experience right now, than actual nutrition.

this new year has us excited to start even more adventures with you.  we have a lot of travel scheduled for the year so far and can’t wait to make even more memories as a family of three.  even though our days seem too good to be true and we know we are truly blessed with this life, the best is still yet to come!

i love you so much, baby.

love, mama

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