The Kelly Moore Kate Bag

last friday felt like christmas morning.  a beautiful white box arrived at my home with that beautiful name written on it.  i may or may not have alternatively jumped up and down and squealed when i saw it.  inside of the box was a beautiful new camera bag for fall and it arrived just in time.  to be honest, i didn’t open it right away.  knowing myself, i knew that i would spend the rest of my day drooling over my new kelly moore bag and moving my gear into it.  so i told myself i had to catch up on all my client emails, finish the laundry, and start dinner before i could open that pretty white box.  as you can imagine, i did all of those things at record speed and before i knew it, i was sitting cross legged on the floor, with a glass of white, ripping the tape off of the box.  the kelly moore kate bag was sitting perfectly inside.

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The Kelly Moore Kate Bag

The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

i was so excited that kelly moore sent me this beautiful new camera bag for me to use and write a review for!  everyone, meet the kelly moore kate bagkate, meet everyone.  and let me tell you, she is just as gorgeous as i thought she would be.  the beautiful natural tones and the classic buckles keep this bag looking simple, yet fashionable.  the kate bag has a very urban style that i just love!  and my hubby loves it too!  i am the type of wife that always asks her hubby if he would hold her bag.  and because the kelly moore kate bag is styled for guys and girls, he doesn’t mind being seen with it.  he didn’t hesitate to toss this bag over his shoulder and he rocked it!  the little details of this bag are my favorite part.  i love a messenger strap.  when shopping for a camera bag, the messenger strap is a deal breaker for me.  when at photo sessions, i love that i can toss my bag across my body, leaving my hands free to simply focus on my camera.  and the strap is simply a comfortable way to carry the bag.

The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

before i show you the inside of this bag, let’s take a peek at the outside.  as i said, the front of the bag is nothing short of brilliantly styled.  it is simple and classic, making it very pleasing to the fashion eye.  there is a flap that covers the front of the bag, snapping at the buckles and covering the contents inside.  and if you flip the bag around to the back, you will find a deep pocket that zips, which is a great organized location for items that you may need to grab quickly, like your lens pens or extra camera batteries.

The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

another thing that i just love about this bag is the open pocket on the side.  it is perfect for my cell phone!  and lets be real, there is nothing more frustrating that hearing your phone ring and having to dig through your entire bag to locate it before the call ends.  we have all had to do that and we have all hated it.  now, by slipping my phone into the pocket on the side of the bag, i have easy and quick access to it, eliminating the anxious search for it when a call or text chimes on the phone.  this little pocket is just another wonderful and well thought out detail that keeps me organized and, truthfully, very happy!

The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

when you flip over the front flap of the bag, there is a separate zipped pocket inside that i just love!  inside of the outer zipped area is organization at it’s finest.  there are pouches for extra memory cards, slots for business cards, and places for pens.  nothing makes me happier than having my stuff organized.  and this front pouch is so amazing because i can place all of the items that i will need during a session in the front, leaving the main section of the bag for my camera and lenses.  i can quickly grab a business card for my client, a new memory card for a new session, or a full battery for my camera.  there is no need to dig through my bag when i need something quickly because everything is organized right in the front.  to make this section even more perfect, it fits the small clipboard that holds my client contracts.  i can honestly say that the kate bag is going to help streamline my routine at sessions because everything that i need to grab for a client is all in one perfect spot!  have i talked you into this bag yet!?  you need it!

The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

and now for the part you have all been waiting for…let’s looks inside of the kelly moore kate bag!  one of the first things i noticed was the brown interior.  i am in love with it!  my other two kelly moore bags {the two sues and the esther} both have purple interiors, so i was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful brown interior that compliments the outside color.  another thing that i instantly noticed was how spacious the inside of the bag is.  i have enough room to put my camera body, three lenses, and a laptop inside!  if i am being honest, i could probably fit even more!  one thing that i really wanted out of a new camera bag was the ability to carry my laptop along with my camera and lenses.  the kelly moore kate bag did not disappoint!  it carries everything that i wanted it to carry and it does it in a very organized way.  you all know how organized i am, so you know how happy this makes me!  *{happy sigh}.

The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

my kate bag went on her first photography adventure on sunday and she shined!  as i was on location for a session, i was happy to have my new kate bag by my side.  with the fall season being the busiest time of year for me, it is important for me to have a bag that will make being a photographer a little easier.  and not only does the kelly moore kate bag keep my gear organized, but it also makes me look fabulous for fall.  this is going to be such a wonderful fall season!

alright, friends!  you know you want this bag.  you know you need this bag.  you know you deserve this bag.  so just click the link for the kelly moore kate bag already and buy it!  you won’t regret it!  have a happy fall!

p.s.  many of you know that i adore my two sues and you were surprised by my new bag!  don’t worry, my two sues is still going to sessions too!  but she can’t fit my laptop, so my new kate bag is really helpful when i want to bring my macbook pro along.  and just like new shoes, you can never have too many camera bags!

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The Kelly Moore Kate Bag | bethadilly photography

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  • Kim Ortega Nerio - Great review! I have the 2 Sues on gray which I love too and the Esther in Caramel which I don’t use much. I have been thinking about the Kate and now your review makes me want to purchase it!! Just out of curiosity… Which laptop do you own so I can get a feel for the size?ReplyCancel

  • Kim Ortega Nerio - Great review! I have the 2 Sues in gray which I love too and the Esther in Caramel which I don’t use much. I have been thinking about the Kate and now your review makes me want to purchase it!! Just out of curiosity… Which laptop do you own so I can get a feel for the size?ReplyCancel

  • Kim Ortega Nerio - Too funny!! So based on your computer answer, I’m going to pick your brain a bit on computers if you don’t mind. I am a hobbyist mom photographer who volunteers as a photographer for a large flag football league. I photograph 76 teams over the course of 9 weeks and post 150-200 photos weekly. I edit on a 15 inch macbook pro that needs to be upgraded. I have never edited on a large screen so I like the idea of an iMac but often edit on the go with my laptop. Would you suggest the 13 inch with external monitor or stick with a 15 inch? I like the small size of the 13 inch but not sure if it’s too small for editing in lightroom. That’s where I’d love to hear your experience with it. For the price of a 15 inch retina, I can practically purchase an iMac and a 13 inch. Any advice would help!! ReplyCancel

  • stephanie Studer - So pretty!of course I want one 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Julie Eells Mankin - love this bag!!ReplyCancel

  • Julie Eells Mankin - ordered!

  • Paola Dias - I love this bag. I just bought a 70-200 lens and have no idea how I am going to carry it around. Do you think it will fit comfortably? Are you still in love with Kate??? I am always afraid that the bag is too heavy even before we load with our gear…..ReplyCancel

  • my camera bags - bethadilly - […] the kate bag also has a variety of zipped pockets throughout the bag that helps to keep business cards, client contracts, and personal items like wallets and lip gloss all organized.  to read more about the kate bag, please visit my blog post “meet kate.” […]ReplyCancel