My Must-Have Memory Card Wallet

When it comes to game changing photography gear, I am always quick to recommend a really good and comfortable camera strap, as well as a memory card wallet.  Not only are both practical and functional, but both help one look professional during a session and keep you very organized.  And when you are taking a lot of clients during fall season, staying organized is a must!  Especially when it comes to keeping your memory cards safe.

Thank you to Fotostrap, who generously sent me a new camera strap and wallet.  This post contains affiliate links.  Thank you in advance for supporting my blog so I can continue to inspire you with new content.

My Must-Have Memory Card Wallet

My Must-Have Memory Card Wallet | | Bethadilly Photography

I have used my camera strap for years and, not only it is so comfortable and professional looking, but it also gets complimented on regularly by my photography clients.  I was so excited be sent a new strap and coordinating memory card wallet, complete with amazing personalizations!  I am a lover of monograms and was quick to monogram both my wallet and camera strap.  But my most favorite thing about my wallet is that you can place a hidden message inside the wallet, as a little source of inspiration every time you open your wallet.

“Jesus, let them see You in me,” is a sentence that I pray to live my life by as I mother my children, be a friend to another, and work with my photography clients.  I love that it subtly and beautifully reminds me of my focus, every time I open my wallet to sneak out or put in a new memory card.  Not only does my memory card wallet inspire me, but it also keeps me organized as it contains several tiny pockets inside to protect my memory cards.

When it comes to photography sessions, I have always used one memory card per session that I photograph.  If my day contains 3 photo sessions, I have 3 different memory cards for each and change out my cards between sessions.  I have always done this as a way to keep me organized after the session, when importing and editing images.  But also, I do this as a form of insurance to make sure I don’t put all of my eggs in one basket.  For example, should a card get lost or damaged, I would rather lose a single session of images than lose an entire day of sessions.

Because I use a lot of memory cards, my memory card wallet is a must have item.  And if you are getting ready to photograph a big day of sessions or a wedding, having a memory card wallet will be a game changer for you.  Plus, this memory card wallet is so much safer and cuter than you putting your memory cards in your back pocket or throwing them in your camera bag.

A good camera strap that is comfortable and a memory card wallet that keep you organized are both a must for a busy photographer.  Be sure to check out all the amazing colors and styles, plus ways you can personalize your strap and wallet!  You are bound to look darling at your next session!

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My Must-Have Memory Card Wallet | | Bethadilly Photography

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