Ballcaps, Tummy Time & Teething, Oh My | A Glimpse At Our Everyday

it seems like our everyday is constantly changing.  while our daily schedule is the same, day in and day out, the girls are growing so quickly that no two days are the same anymore.  our littlest is becoming more and more independent each day and our oldest is becoming chattier by the minute, picking up at least 3 new words a day.  it’s endless diaper changing, endless noise, endless tidying up and endless go, go, go.  but i wouldn’t trade these days for anything.  nothing could replace how beautiful and memorable each day is with these two peanuts.  these two peanuts who are completely and utterly in love with one another.

when one does tummy time, so does the other.  when one gets milk, so does the other.  when one looks at books, the other one tries to eat them.  they are peas in a pod.  they are milk and cookies.  the are peanut butter and jelly.  they are lucy and ethel.

and even though there are days when i am outnumbered and it’s beautifully chaotic, these girls have a way of humbling me and telling me that i am doing a good job.  whether the littlest gives me a big smile or the oldest runs up behind me and gives me a big hug, it’s as though God is showing me that i’ve got everything i need in these beautiful children.  and sometimes us mamas need that reminder, especially when there is applesauce on the wall or the littlest wants to wake up before the sun wakes up.  their little smiles remind us that it’s just applesauce and that extra hour in the morning holding the littlest in the rocking chair is a gift from God.

all of this is a reminder that babies don’t keep.  they grow so quickly.  and these truly are the days, days that are fleeting.  we only get 18 summers with our kids and i am going to make each one count.  so this summer finds our everyday full of ballcaps, tummy time and teething.  it finds our everyday full of dance parties in the kitchen, being bubble machine addicts outside, and drippy popsicles in diapers on the front step.  it finds our everyday full of kissing baby cheeks, savoring their baby smell, and watching birdies at the window.  and while our everyday looks different each day as these babies insist on growing, each day is a pure gift.

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Ballcaps, Tummy Time & Teething, Oh My | A Glimpse At Our Everyday

Ballcaps, Tummy Time & Teething, Oh My | A Glimpse At Our Everyday | Bethadilly Photography |

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velvet hair boys | courtesy of cammi and co

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