Photographing Your Everyday : 3 Tips For Seeing Photo Opportunities

photographing your everyday can sometimes seem daunting.  it can sometimes seem like a lot of work.  not only work taking the pictures, but also in creating a surrounding in your home that is ready to be photographed.  but all of these things are just minor roadblocks and shouldn’t stop us from picking up our camera to photograph the beauty that occurs throughout our everyday.  as we live our lives, there will naturally be moments that jump out and beg to be photographed.  there will be other moments that are worthy of a photograph, but may not be immediately obvious.  as you begin to photograph the moments that make up your daily life, keep these 3 tips in mind for encouraging you to see photo opportunities.

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Photographing Your Everyday : 3 Tips For Seeing Photo Opportunities

Photographing Your Everyday : 3 Tips For Seeing Photo Opportunities | Bethadilly Photography

1.  Let Natural Light In

i promise you, natural light will be a game changer in helping you to see everyday opportunities to pick up your camera.  when you open your window coverings and allow natural light to naturally fall within a room, you will begin to see ordinary things take on new life.  for example, this laundry basket.  a completely boring everyday object.  but through the use of light, it became so much more interesting and compelling.  never mind that outside of the frame my bed was unmade and there was additional laundry baskets full of clothes waiting to head to the laundry room.

2.  Read An Everyday Guide

if photographing your everyday feels hard for you, that’s okay!  it’s natural to feel uninspired with your everyday, especially if you are in a routine that makes your daily life look similar day in and day out.  be sure to check out the everyday photograph: the art of seeing beauty in everyday moments.  in this ebook, you will learn secrets for seeing everyday beauty, will be given a list of 100 photographs to take, and even learn how to make a list of photos that you really want to take, but aren’t sure how to achieve them just yet.  this eBook has inspired so many photographers to begin taking beautiful pictures of their everyday and will inspire you too.

3.  Look For Lines

lines are everywhere, you just have to look for them.  lines are one of those elements that really lend themselves to a compelling photograph.  whether you are using leading lines or you are incorporating lines as you frame your subject, be sure to give the natural lines of your everyday a chance.  as a challenge, look around the room or place in which you are sitting right now and count the lines you see.  i just tried and i already lost count; lines are everywhere.  pick up your camera and find fun ways to incorporate lines within your frame.

photographing your everyday doesn’t need to be a challenge if you just be mindful of how you use natural light, read the everyday photograph, and look to lines for inspiration.  out of all the things photography has taught me, learning how to see everyday beauty within ordinary moments of my everyday has been one of the best lessons.  it encourages me to pick up my camera often and enjoy the little things that make up my life.

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Photographing Your Everyday : 3 Tips For Seeing Photo Opportunities | Bethadilly Photography

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