Seersucker Monogrammed Backpacks For Toddler Activities

i am secretly a southern belle.  i call my girls by their first and middle names, and i am a complete sucker for seersucker and monogrammed items.  with both of our baby girls now in swim class, i found myself in need of some backpacks for the girls to keep their swim items organized.  swim morning is a little hectic once we arrive at swim with getting both of the girls changed and in the pool, so keeping their things organized helps me keep the morning as smooth as possible!  plus, our girls clothes look close to the same size sometimes so it is so nice to separate their diapers and outfits into their own separate bags so we aren’t wasting time looking at sizes to determine what belongs to whom.  all of this to say, when i stumbled upon these darling seersucker monogrammed backpacks for toddler activities…i was in love and immediately sold.

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the sweet owner, leslie of ll monogramms made and sent the girls these darling toddler sized monogrammed backpacks in exchange for a blog post, and i am completely in awe of how darling these backpacks are.  plus, you all know that i love the girls to match so i am giddy with the fact that the girls have matching little pink backpacks for swim morning.  there is something about monograms that are so classic and timeless, and i love that they make any item a little more special.  plus, did i mention how much i am obssessed with monograms?

Seersucker Monogrammed Backpacks For Toddler Activities

Seersucker Monogrammed Backpacks For Toddler Activities | Bethadilly Photography |

these backpacks are toddler sized, which i love!  they are big enough to fit our swim items into (swim items include in each backpack: gather changing mat, swim diaper, dry diaper, diaper cover, swim suit, small baby bath towel, goggles, brush) but small enough for the girls to carry themselves.  and if we decide to stop swim one day, i love that they are the perfect size for the girls to use to pack things into for a car ride.  when it comes to backpacks, you don’t want to go too big for your toddler because you don’t want them overfilling it with the whole house before every outing and you want to make sure they can carry it themselves so you aren’t left with yet another thing to carry for them.

if you are looking for monogrammed backpacks for toddler activities or preschool, these are it!  not only are they darling, but they are the perfect size and a must have item that your little one will get a lot of use out of.


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