Storing Camera Gear : A Peek Into My Camera Drawer

awhile back, someone asked me about storing camera gear when i am not using it and i figured it would make for an interesting post.  to be honest, my camera gear is very rarely tucked away all at once.  as i talk about in my eBook the everyday photograph, i am very passionate about leaving a camera out in the open for easy access to photograph those everyday moments.  however, i am also very passionate about storing camera gear well so that is stays safe and protected.  in the off chance that everything is all put in it’s place and not in my camera bag, here is a brief view at how i store my camera gear and what that camera gear is.

i believe in less is more, even with photography gear.  read why i sold all of my camera lenses, only keeping two.

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Storing Camera Gear : A Peek Into My Camera Drawer

Storing Camera Gear : A Peek Into My Camera Drawer | Bethadilly Photography

i like to keep all of my gear in one place.  it’s just how my mind works; i like to see everything all at once.  much like the rest of my home, everything has a place and everything is in that place.  it simply makes it easy when i need to quickly grab something, knowing exactly where it is.  all of my camera gear fits into one drawer in my office (except my tripod and monopod; because of their size, they are placed in a separate drawer).  to organize my gear, i simply bought two kitchen utensil organizers from the kitchen department in ikea…they work like a charm.

Storing Camera Gear : A Peek Into My Camera Drawer | Bethadilly Photography

and since i haven’t done this for awhile, here is an update list of my photography gear that i use both personally and professionally.

  1. a shutter hugger : very helpful to bring as backup to a session for a shy child
  2. a battery grip : to help put extra support on my D600/D610 camera models
  3. nikon d610 : a backup camera for sessions
  4. nikon d750 : my primary camera
  5. sigma 50mm f/1.4 art lens : a great portrait lens
  6. sigma 24mm f/1.4 art lens : my go-to lens
  7. a gray card : for accurate white balance
  8. a ML-L3 wireless remote : very helpful for self portraits
  9. a microfiber cloth : my first choice for lens cleaning
  10. a lens pen : my second choice for lens cleaning
  11. iPhone lens accessories (lensbaby mobile kit + aukey lens set)
  12. battery chargers
  13. nikon d600 : my backup to my backup camera
  14. extra lens and body caps
  15. nikon f100 : a film camera
  16. portra 400 : film
  17. fujifilm insta max mini 8 : polaroid camera
  18. polaroids refill for polaroid camera

and it’s as simple as that.  i find storing camera gear to be really important and that is how i chose to store mine.  how do you store your camera gear?  be sure to share with us in the comment section below.  i love hearing about organization, so be sure to inspire me!

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Storing Camera Gear : A Peek Into My Camera Drawer | Bethadilly Photography

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