The Colorful Aftermath by Bethany Deschamp

what do you all do with your easter eggs, once the holiday is over?  for us, we enjoy peeling them and eating them.  and i love the colorful aftermath.  this year i actually mastered my hardboiled egg, thanks to my mom.  while i usually epically fail at making them, i finally made the perfect hardboiled egg that was cooked wonderfully and cracked and peeled very easily.  my husband even commented that my eggs were perfection. and our little one really enjoyed eating her very first, perfectly cooked, hardboiled egg.  she didn’t even share a bit with the dog, who usually gets more than his fair share of food now that she’s learned to throw him yummy bites.

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as my husband was cracking and peeling some eggs for us to enjoy for an afternoon snack, i couldn’t help but be inspired by the colorful egg shells in the bottom of the kitchen sink.  the light from the kitchen window and the brightly colored shells versus the dull steel sink were just creating all the right things that have me running for my camera.  it’s moments and photographs like this that encourage me to keep my camera out and within reach, to photograph those spontaneous and beautiful moments of our everyday that are often overlooked.

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The Colorful Aftermath by Bethany Deschamp

The Colorful Aftermath by Bethany Deschamp | Bethadilly PhotographyThe Colorful Aftermath by Bethany Deschamp | Bethadilly Photography

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