Our Two Year Old Girl’s Baby Shark Birthday

It all started with a book my husband brought home from a business trip.  The girls are at an age where they love little surprises from daddy at the end of a work trip, and the littlest was surprised with the Baby Shark book.  Sure, Alexa had played us the song only about 6 billion times and we knew the words by heart, but it was the book that got our youngest’s heart and now has her the president of the Baby Shark fan club.  With her birthday in the middle of winter and her love for swimming, we decided to host her second birthday party at a small indoor waterpark.  And, while humming the words to Baby Shark, I spent weeks putting together our two year old girl’s Baby Shark birthday party.

The main thing I focused on was making a shark birthday that was girly.  Upon first searches of anything shark related, anything and everything I found was gray and….well, boyish.  By personalizing the invitations, placing some bows on shark fins, and sprinkling pink here and there, this party came to life in very girly fashion.  If you are wanting to plan a two year old girl’s Baby Shark birthday, here are some details that can help bring your party to life.  And don’t forget the goldfish and gummy sharks!

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Our Two Year Old Girl’s Baby Shark Birthday

Our Two Year Old Girl's Baby Shark Birthday | www.bethadilly.com

This was the first birthday party hosted outside of our home, which was lovely!  But it also had me checking and rechecking as I was packing all the food and decor up to head to the party.  One thing I would recommend is actually setting up the party ahead of time at home, to make sure you have everything…then pack it up!  It does sound a tad silly and like extra work, but it really helped me visualize the party details and ensure that I had everything before putting it in boxes to head to the party location.

Party Details

shark cupcake toppers | similar ones here

bows for sharks | local craft store

gummy sharks | can be found here

goldfish crackers | can be found here

chalkboard food signs | tutorial here

scalloped chalkboard sign | tutorial here

two light | similar one here

party favors | tutorial here

. . . . .

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Our Two Year Old Girl's Baby Shark Birthday | www.bethadilly.com

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