Valentine Gifts for Photographers | 9 Must Have Items For Every Photographer

With Valentine’s Day weeks away, it’s time to think through what you’re going to get your honey.  Or if you are the photographer reading this, it’s that time of year for dropping heavy hints about what you would like from your valentine this year.  When it comes to Valentine gifts for photographers, I’ve got you totally covered with 9 must have items that photographers appreciate.  Trust me, these are all sweet things that will make your sweetie think you are the most thoughtful person ever.

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Valentine Gifts for Photographers | 9 Must Have Items For Every Photographer

Valentine Gifts for Photographers | 9 Must Have Items For Every Photographer | Bethadilly Photography |

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Footwear for sessions.  Outdoor sessions can have photographers walking through tall grass and getting in just about any position to get the perfect photo angle.  My favorite outdoor footwear for photography session is Hunter boots.  Not only are they professional and functional, but they are also really practical when photographing in all seasons!  And to really persuade you, they can be paired with skinny jeans or a skirt, making the outfit selections endless.


A daily planner.  Listen, I am a pencil and paper type of gal and if the photographer in your life is too, this planner is the only planner I use.  Not only does it help me schedule my professional photo sessions, but it helps me manage our personal life as well.  This planner houses everything from playdates, to photography sessions, to storytime at the library, to blog post ideas.  I will buy this planner year after year after year; it is a slam dunk winner!


A better camera strap.  Because let’s be real, the stock camera strap that comes with a camera is just not cute.  A fun way to dress up a camera and show personality is through a nice camera strap.  This camera strap is my absolute favorite brand and earns me compliments at just about every session I photograph.  It’s a beauty and comes in so many colors, allowing you to have a unique version.


An iPad case.  Does the photographer in your life use an iPad on the go, during sessions to help with posing or to keep caught up on email between sessions?  If so, this adorable case is a fun way to help protect gear and bring some beauty into her camera bag.


Keep her coffee hot!  Listen, if you know the photographer in your life really well…you know that she spends a lot of time editing.  And, like me, may get so focused on editing that her coffee constantly goes cold.  Is this just me?  Am I the only one grabbing for my cup of coffee between edits to find that it’s a very cold sip?  My girls got me a hot mug for Christmas and, let me tell you, it’s worth every penny!  When it comes to Valentine gifts for photographers, this idea takes the cake!


A cozy throw blanket.  Again, editing can find photographers behind a computer screen at all hours of the day, or night.  I love editing with a cozy throw blanket to keep comfy during my long editing sessions.  Plus, it can double as pretty office decor on an editing chair when not in use.


A lens to help photograph in smaller spaces.  We’ve all been in small homes or tighter spaces that make it difficult to photograph the scene we want because of limited space.  Because we can’t move walls to allow us to back up further from our subject, this lens is a must have for a photographer’s camera bag and one of my go to lenses.  Plus, it takes the most sharp and crisp photos of all my lenses.


A lens pen.  This tiny little pen is a must have for every camera bag.  Whether a child accidentally smudges your lens with their fingers or you need to clean dust off the lens, this pen works wonders!  Plus, it is small enough to keep in your pocket so it is very handy.


A book known to boost inspiration.  Have you heard the photographer in your life mention that they are in a creative rut or that they desire a boost in inspiration?  The Everyday Photograph: The Art of Seeing Beauty in Ordinary Moments is a must read for every photographer.  Not only will it help you pick up your camera, but it will help you see everyday things in a new way.  It’s the perfect source for inspiration when you need a little creative boost.

Valentine gifts for photographers has never been more simple.  Whether it is helping her stay cozy during editing marathons, giving her some inspiration, helping her dress up her camera bag or self, or surprising her with new gear, your photographer sweetie will be so thrilled to receive any of these Valentines.  I hope this has helped guide your gift-giving and makes your Valentine feel so very loved!  If you have more Valentine gifts for photographers, be sure to leave your idea in the comment section below!

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