10 Gift Ideas For Photographers

sometimes it can be a guessing game when it comes to finding that perfect gift for that photographer in your life.  but let me eliminate your stress of contemplating what to shop for.  i am going to make it super easy on you this year and tell you exactly what they want.  when thinking about my journey with photography, there are easily ten top items that have helped me along the way or taken my photography to the next level.  and okay, some of these gifts are just for fun because that’s what gift giving is all about.  if you keep these 10 gift ideas for photographers in mind while you are shopping, you are bound to make one photographer very happy!

to read more about what goodies are tucked inside my photography bag for my professional photography sessions or simple photography outings, check out my post about my photography gear to see what i photograph with!

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10 Gift Ideas for Photographers

10 Gift Ideas for Photographers | Bethadilly Photography

1.  a photography t-shirt

clickin moms sent me this amazing “it’s golden hour somewhere” t-shirt in heather gray to photograph for their store and…it’s one of my favorite t-shirts!  not only is it the softest shirt ever, but it’s such a fun shirt to wear to photo sessions or just because.  and because photographers are in love with the sweet tones of golden hour, this shirt is bound to make the photographer in your life super happy.

2.  lensbaby creative mobile kit

this is by far one of my favorite toys and such a quick and easy way to make a cell phone photo much more fantastic.  by attaching this lensbaby lens to your cell phone, you can achieve fun focal points surrounded by blurs that you will swoon over.  even better, this little lens attachment can fit right in your pocket, making it something that you can keep with you at all times!  if you are one that doesn’t want to carry around your heavy DSLR all the time, this is a perfect little toy for you to keep taking fantastic and creative photos without the heavy camera bag.

3.  the journey shutterbag

i love everything about my photography bag and i love to brag about it!  not only does it hold just about everything, but it is trendy and fashionable too!  i have lost count at how many times i have been complemented on my bag, i am in love with it!  to read even more about what shutterbag’s i own and to take a peek inside, check out the posts about my journey shutterbag and my jetsetter shutterbag. 

4.  the everyday photograph

this is the best book for photographers who simply want to document their everyday with their camera.  learn how to see the beauty in your everyday and how to take pictures that you are happier with, by reading the everyday photograph.

5. a darling camera strap

you know that plain camera strap that comes in the box with the camera?  yeah, that is not cute!  camera straps are a fun and easy way to add a little personality to your camera, while making your photography wardrobe that much cuter.  and let me tell you, my camera strap is one of the first things i am always complimented on by clients when i pull my camera out of my bag.  to read more about what i recommend, click on over to read more about my favorite camera straps.

6.  adobe photoshop lightroom 5: classroom in a book

after going a little cross eyed trying to learn how to navigate lightroom, i purchased this book and it was a game changer!  not only is this book informative, but it is interactive and encourages you to be hands on and use the software as you are learning!  very quickly after reading this book, i found that i used the buttons in lightroom much more effectively and was editing photos confidently in the software.  to read a little more about this book and a similar one for photoshop, be sure to check out how i learned lightroom and photoshop.

7.  nikon D610

this camera has photographed countless family and newborn sessions with me and i absolutely adore it.  not only does it do all the functions i need it to do for both my personal and professional photography, but it has also held up perfectly for how much i use it.

camera purchase tip:  instead of buying a camera in a kit with an included lens, purchase the body only and then purchase the lens of your choice.  being able to choose the lens for you will ensure that you get a lens that you are actually going to use, instead of spending money on a lens that isn’t the best fit for you.

8.  sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens

and now you are wondering what the perfect lens is?  it is hands down the sigma 50mm f/1.4.  i honestly never take this lens off of my camera and use it to photograph my clients during my professional photography sessions as well as use it to personally photograph my everyday.  i love the low aperture of this lens, allowing me to create beautiful blur in my photos around my focal points.  if i could only keep one lens forever and had to throw the rest away, i would choose my sigma 50mm f/1.4 any day of the week.

9.  a photography book

now, i know i am making this really easy for you…but asking me to choose just one photography book that i love is like asking me to choose my favorite ice cream.  there are just too many great ones!  to take a peek at all of the lovely photography books that have inspired me along my journey with photography, click on over to read about what is on my photography bookshelf.  i love each and every one of them.

 10.  lensbaby composer pro sweet 35 lens

this lens is perfect for any photographer that needs a little boost of inspiration with their photography.  by attaching this lens to your camera, you will instantly see through your camera in a new way.  by being able to tilt the lens in any direction, you are given the freedom to create images that no other lens can help you achieve and the creativity is endless.

and these are just a few of my favorite things that make for great gift ideas for photographers!  it’s okay, you can print this list out about take it to the store with you.  or if you are a photographer, it’s okay to leave this list laying around for your loved ones to find.  😉  you’re welcome.

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10 Gift Ideas for Photographers | Bethadilly Photography

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