10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday

so many photographers and parents love the idea of photographing their everyday, but they just don’t know how to do it.  they are stumped when it comes to finding the inspiration and often find themselves asking, “but what do i take a picture of?”  documenting your everyday in photographs is much easier than it seems, you just have to train yourself to be in the right mindset so that you are encouraged to pick up your camera every day.  check out these 10 ways to photograph your everyday to help encourage your photography direction when it comes to photographing your daily life.

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10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

1. photograph a meal

whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a yummy snack…practice your food photography as you photograph what is on your plate.  it’s also really fun to photograph prepping for a meal, so have fun with just photographing the ingredients too!  to learn a little more about food photography, check out what 7 things i learned about food photography where i reveal what ebook will inspire you to pick up your camera every time you make a meal.

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

2. get in the frame

instead of just taking pictures of what surrounds you, try to find ways to get in front of the camera.  including yourself in your everyday photographs is a great way of bringing your photos to life and create images that others can relate to.  photograph what you do every day, whether it is making breakfast for your kids, running errands, or answering email.  the possibilities are endless.

having a tripod and a wireless remote makes getting in the frame to capture a self portrait super easy.

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

3. keep your camera handy

one of the most important ways to photograph your everyday is by being sure your camera is handy at all times.  life is so unpredictable and you never know when a great moment is going to arise, so having your camera nearby will help you capture those unexpected and true moments as they happen.  i was so thankful that my camera was on my coffee table so that i could quickly grab it to capture my sleepy puppy just as the sun was shining through the window.  had i not had my camera handy, i would have missed the moment or ruined it as i ran to get my camera!

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

4. take your camera everywhere with you

capturing your everyday is really easy if you simply get in the habit of bringing your camera along with you whenever you leave the house.  whether you are taking the puppy for a walk, heading down the street for some groceries, or are on the road traveling…bring your camera with you and document your travels.  having a good camera bag will be really helpful so your gear stays protected, even when you are on the go!

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

5. photograph what you are doing in the moment

it’s really as easy as it sounds.  if you find yourself wondering “what should i photograph?” simply look to what you are doing at that exact moment and photograph it.  yes, sometimes this means arranging things into more flattering positions and getting creative with your composition, but use your current activity as your focus and go with it!

if you need a little more help thinking of ideas of what to photograph, be sure to join in on the bethadilly challenge photography project where i give you daily prompts to inspire your photography.  it’s okay to use prompts to inspire your photography because it encourages you to pick up your camera!

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

6. photograph daily routines

think about the things that happen every day at your house and photograph them.  it’s the daily routines that we really want to look back on and remember because they are the things that make up our life.  for me, around 5:00 every day my puppies sit by the front door and wait for my husband to pull into the driveway after work.  i love that they do this, so i took the opportunity to photograph it because it is something that i want to remember.

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

7. photograph the things that others ignore

look for the unordinary things that most people wouldn’t blink an eye at and photograph them.  whether it is a pile of laundry, a more than half eaten pie or petals falling off your flowers…learn to see the beauty in the unordinary things.  get creative with your compositions and challenge yourself to make a sink full of dirty dishes or a messy floor full of toys look beautiful.  trust me, it is possible.

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

8. look for pops of color

one of the most eyecatching ways to photograph your everyday is to let pops of color inspire you to grab your camera.  if you take the time to look around, you will notice that our world is full of pops of color.  whether you find color in the red stop sign at the end of your street or your child picks out a bright yellow t-shirt to wear that day, use pops of color as an opportunity to grab your camera.

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

9. get creative with your compositions

many people think that photographing their every day could be boring because their daily life is full of folding laundry, running a carpool and going to the grocery store.  but even though those tasks may seem boring, you can portray them in a more interesting way by getting creative with your composition.  think through your camera settings {iso, shutter speed, aperture} and try to incorporate depth of field, leading lines, the rule of thirds, or negative space into your photos when you are photographing so you can create images that are visually interesting instead of boring.  getting creative with your compositions is one of the funnest ways to photograph your everyday.

10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography

10. incorporate the seasons

there is nothing more inspiring than the beginning of a new season.  there is something so refreshing about it, and it’s a natural change in our lives that we tend to look forward to.  take advantage of the seasons and incorporate them into your photos.  whether it is seeing the first signs of spring in the green grass on the side of the road or watching the very first snowfall of winter, get your camera out and capture what is special about the current season you are in.

learning to photograph your everyday takes a little practice, and a little thought.  but the more you do it, the easier it is.  and before you know it, you will find yourself naturally picking up your camera because you are finding inspiration easier and easier every day.  there are so many ways to photograph your everyday, you just have to start.  now charge your camera battery and keep these to tips for photographing your everyday in mind to inspire you as you photograph what makes up your everyday.

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10 Ways To Photograph Your Everyday | Bethadilly Photography
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    • {beth} a-dilly - Thank you so much, Julie! I photograph in manual mode so that I can have control over my exposure and then I also brighten my exposure, if needed, in post processing.ReplyCancel