The Bethadilly Challenge

the bethadilly challenge is trending on instagram and is one of the most popular photo a day challenges that photographers are participating to build their photography skill.  join in today, it’s so fun!

the most common question i get as a photographer is, “what is the best thing that you have ever done for your photography?” and my answer always is:  a 365 photography project.  a 365 photography project is where you take one photo every single day for an entire year.  and let me tell you, it was a game changer for my photography.  by taking one photo every single day for a year, i learned so much about myself as a photographer and i developed my photography skill in ways that i didn’t imagine were possible.  i learned so much about composition, lighting and white balance…while also learning so much about manual mode and how to navigate my camera comfortably.  this all happened because i picked up my camera every day to take a photo.

after seeing the amazing results that came from doing this project, i became passionate about inspiring other photography lovers to take on the project too!  i created the bethadilly challenge in 2015, a challenge that provides 365 daily photo prompts to inspire your daily photo.  and because this challenge was so popular and you wanted it back, we are doing it again in 2016!  the bethadilly challenge is taking over instagram and i love it!

to read more about how to motivate yourself and keep yourself organized during your 365 photography project, be sure to read my 365 photography project tips!  trust me, these tips will encourage your success and my goal is for you to complete a successful 365 photography project!

The Bethadilly Challenge

the bethadilly challenge | bethadilly photography

and here is how it works…

every month, i will provide a list of daily prompts for you to use to inspire your daily photo.  you must be on my exclusive email list to gain access to the monthly prompts, so be sure to join.  it’s free!

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all you have to do is use the hashtag #thebethadillychallenge when posting your daily photo on instagram, and you can join in the fun!  this is simply to inspire you to take your daily photo and help you so that you never say, “i just don’t know what to take a photo of today.”  i want to encourage you to stay motivated throughout the year by inspiring you with a daily photo prompt.  i want you to succeed with this project because i know how powerful this project can be in developing and perfecting photography skills.

more importantly, it is a beautiful way to document your everyday.  and when you look back at your photos at the end of the year, i want you to both celebrate your success with this project and have a beautiful collection of your life in photos.  once we reach december, you will be so happy that you did this!

to gain access to the monthly prompt lists, be sure to join my exclusive email list.  it’s free!

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