The Bethadilly Challenge

the bethadilly challenge is trending on instagram and is one of the most popular photo a day challenges that photographers are participating to build their photography skill.  join in today, it’s so fun!  don’t forget to use the hashtag #thebethadillychallenge to join in with other challenge participants!

The Bethadilly Challenge

The Bethadilly Challenge | Bethadilly Photography

all you have to do is use the hashtag #thebethadillychallenge when posting your daily photo on instagram, and you can join in the fun!  this is simply to inspire you to take your daily photo and help you so that you never say, “i just don’t know what to take a photo of today.”  i want to encourage you to stay motivated throughout the year by inspiring you with a daily photo prompt.  i want you to succeed with this project because i know how powerful this project can be in developing and perfecting photography skills.

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