The Must-Have Planner for Busy Photographers

i am about as digital as it gets.  i love technology and love having the latest and greatest.  but, when it comes to my schedule…i am a paper and pencil type of gal.  yes, my husband tells me that we can merge and sync our calendars digitally and life would be grand…but, no.  i like to physically write things down and i love crossing off completed tasks.  there is something so therapeutic about it.  and even though this drives my hubby crazy, he admitted the other day that it is actually pretty adorable.  so, if you’re adorable like me…there is a must-have planner for busy photographers that you need.  NEED.

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as a collaboration, i was sent this stunning simplified planner from emily ley to use in 2017 and it is rocking my world.  while i never wish time to hurry up, i am eager for 2017 to arrive so i can actively use this planner each and every day.  confession:  i have already moved into this planner.  all family birthdays are written down, booked clients are placed on their scheduled days, and i have already given myself some time off.  if you are a busy photographer mama like me, let me inspire you with how i organize it all with the simplified planner.

The Must-Have Planner for Busy Photographers

The Must-Have Planner for Busy Photographers | Bethadilly Photography

just like i am pretty particular on what planner i use, i am pretty particular on how i use it.  the simplified planner fits my needs perfectly and i would recommend it as a wonderful planner for busy photographers.  here is how i use mine to juggle it all, both personally and professionally.

1. Scheduling Photography Clients

i keep my entire life in my planner, from personal grocery lists to clients who book me to photograph their beautiful families.  i love that the simplified planner has the days of the week broken down hour by hour, allowing me to easily schedule clients in specific time slots.  not only does it make scheduling clients easy, but it is visually appealing to see your day broken down by the hour.

2. Organizing A Photography Project

every year i challenge myself to do a photography project of some sort, whether it is a 365 photography project or a small “day in the life.”  one of the biggest ways to be successful with a photography project is being organized about it.  i love writing down the daily photography prompts from “the bethadilly challenge” in my planner to inspire me to pick up my camera and photograph what surrounds me.  because my planner is always with me, it’s a wonderful place for me to organize my photography projects.

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The Must-Have Planner for Busy Photographers | Bethadilly Photography

3. Scheduling Future Blog Posts

the simplified planner breaks down your year into daily slots, but it also has monthly calendars at the beginning of each month.  i love seeing the entire month at a glance, there is something so refreshing about seeing the whole month at once.  it is on the monthly calendar that i schedule and organize my blog posts for the month.  it helps me incorporate the holidays into my posts, and visually shows me what weeks are still in need of a blog topic.

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4. Blocking Off Family Time

there is nothing i love more than physically blocking off weeks of no work.  i take a piece of washi tape and block off weeks or days every now and then to allocate time away from my desk.  it is during those times that i don’t allow myself to book clients, edit images, or write for my blog.  and trust me, time away makes me an even better photographer when it is time to get back to work.

The Must-Have Planner for Busy Photographers | Bethadilly Photography

5. Scheduling Social Media Posts

i love using my simplified planner to schedule out how i engage in social media.  i write in what blog posts to promote on facebook on certain days, what photo to take for instagram, and what needs to be pinned to pinterest to draw an audience to my blog.  being organized with social media only makes me more successful as a photographer because i am constantly promoting myself and my planner reminds me when to do it.

as you can see, this is a must-have planner for busy photographers.  your business and your photography is only as good as you make it, so make it even better by staying organized and efficient with the help of the simplified planner.

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