Packing For Sessions : 10 Things To Pack in Your Camera Bag

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having taken clients since 2013, i can pack my camera bag in my sleep.  when i used to stress about forgetting something i would need, i can now pack my camera bag in seconds and be confidently on my way to a session.  not only do i pack my favorite go-to lenses and cameras, but i also pack my camera bag with items that will ensure that i have a successful and creative session with my clients.  if you are struggling with what to bring and what to leave when it comes to getting ready for a session, here are 10 things to pack in your camera bag to get you started.

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Packing For Sessions : 10 Things To Pack in Your Camera Bag

Packing For Sessions : 10 Things To Pack in Your Camera Bag | Bethadilly Photography

1.  Your Camera

yes, it’s an obvious item to pack, but for the sake of a packing list…you will need to pack your camera.  i carry my nikon d750 and my nikon d610 in my camera bag to every session so i can have a lens on each camera and not waste time switching out lenses.  i like to spend my entire time photographing.

2.  A 50mm Lens

a 50mm is a wonderful portrait lens and i carry my sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens to every session.  i love that i can capture the entire family within the frame, as well as individual portraits.  and the low aperture capability allows me to create beautiful crisp images with soft backgrounds.

3.  A Wide Angle Lens

i always carry my sigma 24mm f/1.4 art lens for the moments when i want to capture more than my subjects, but the scene that surrounds them as well.  i use my 24mm a lot during my lifestyle newborn sessions to capture my client’s home within the frame and it works really well in small spaces, making it a wonderful choice for photography sessions that are held indoors.  my 24mm lens also works really well in low light situations.

4.  A Book

this is more for you, than for your clients.  for me, i like to arrive to my sessions about 20 minutes before my clients do.  this allows time for unexpected traffic, as well as time for me to double check the location for light.  i always carry a book with me for any extra time before my session starts.  and, if you need a recommendation for a really good book, elizabeth gilbert’s “big magic” is a must read for creatives.

5.  A Lens Pen

i don’t know about your clients, but when my young clients first see my camera…they reach right for it!  and most of the time, their sweet little fingers go right for the lens.  for those unexpected moments when your camera gets smudges or fingerprints on it, be sure to carry a lens pen for a quick clean.

6.  Extra Batteries + Memory Cards

extras are always a must and one of the most important things to pack in your camera bag.  you never know when you will either run out of battery or fill up a memory card.  for moments like this, it’s always professional to have backups ready and waiting in your camera bag.

7.  Your Contract + Pen

just in case your client forgets to bring their signed copy of your contract, be sure to bring yours on a clipboard with a pen for them to sign.  trust me, as a mom it is hard enough to get everyone dressed and on time to a session without stressing about paperwork.

8.  A Shutter Hugger

a shutter hugger is such a wonderful little backup that you should always include in your things to pack in your camera bag.  a shutter hugger is something that you can quickly slip around the lens of your camera, should you either need to help a shy child or bribe them into cooperating with you.  works like a charm.

9.  A Step Stool

okay, so this doesn’t fit inside of my camera bag, but i always bring a step stool with me to my sessions, particularly my lifestyle newborn sessions.  having a step stool allows me to get higher off of the ground when i want to photograph from above, such as above a sleeping baby in a crib.  if you don’t want to drag a step stool with you, a 24mm lens allows you to photograph from above fairly effortlessly with your feet are flat on the ground.

10.  A Blanket

i love sitting my families on blankets during the session for a family portrait and it’s one of the most important things to pack in your camera bag.  be sure to choose a blanket that is neutral so it is guaranteed to match your client’s color palette of clothing choice.  i prefer using cream or gray blankets.

as you are preparing for a successful session, don’t forget to these 10 things to pack in your camera bag so you will have all, and even more, than you will need.  when you feel confident and prepared, it shows to your clients and sets you up in a great mood to have a really wonderful session.

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 Packing For Sessions : 10 Things To Pack in Your Camera Bag | Bethadilly Photography

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