How Instagram Made Me A Better Photographer

when i first joined instagram, it was simply a social move.  i had moved 3,000 miles away from my family and friends and instagram was simply another way to keep in touch.  while i originally created an account just for fun, i never dreamed it would turn me into the photographer i am today.  yes, fast forward a few years later and instagram is now one of the main reasons why i became the photographer i am today.  in all seriousness and simply put, instagram made me a better photographer.  and i believe it can made you a better photographer too, if you think of instagram like this.

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How Instagram Made Me A Better Photographer

How Instagram Made Me A Better Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

Instagram Encouraged My 365 Challenge

in 2014, i began and completed my very first 365 photography challenge, where i took one photo every single day for an entire year and posted it to instagram.  i saw my biggest growth in photography that year, as i began the year photographing my way through the challenge with my iPhone and, around august, finished the rest of the year with my nikon d610.  that transition from photographing my everyday with my iPhone to my DSLR was a game changing move in my journey with photography.  not only was i taking a picture every day, but i was thinking through my camera settings which encouraged me to learn manual mode.

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Instagram Shaped My Photography Style

by posting every day and picking up my camera on a daily basis, my photography style emerged through my consistent use of instagram.  more importantly, i could visually see my photos side by side in my instagram gallery which was an eye-opener when it comes to creating a photography style.  having a photography style means you are consistently producing similar images that flow together as a whole.  because i could see my images side by side, i was encouraged to ensure that my white balance, use of light, skin tones, tinting, and exposure were all consistent in order to create a gallery that is visually appealing to my audience.

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Instagram Introduced Me to Other Photographers

through instagram, i have met some of my best photography friends who have not only inspired my photography, but have encouraged me along the way.  because i met so many photography friends, i was encouraged to attend a photography conference that further inspired my photography and made me a better photographer.  having photography friends is so important as a photographer.  not only will your friends cheer you on and encourage your success, but they are also the first to pick you up when you want to toss your camera aside.

Instagram Encouraged Me to Photograph Consistently

even after i completed my first 365 photography project, i found myself picking up my camera daily to photograph because i had spent a year doing it!  it was a great new habit.  by picking up my camera everyday, i was encouraged to photograph my everyday, no matter where i was and what light i was given.  photographers who can photograph in a variety of situations and still create consistent images are strong photographers.

Instagram Taught Me How To Critique Myself and Others

being able to critique an image, whether it is your own or someone else’s, makes you think about photography in a new way.  it makes you a better photographer.  knowing the photography rules and why they are important will help you when visually critiquing your work.  further more, being able to identify good elements of photography in others work can make you a better photographer because you are pinpointing the technical aspects that create a compelling image.  therefore, when it’s time to pick up your camera again, you will keep these techniques and elements of good photography in mind to further develop your photography skill.

for me, instagram is more than just posting a photo and counting the “likes.”  it is about building and maintaining a community of photographers that can encourage one another on their journey with photography.  it is about encouraging my own photography by consistently practicing my skill and allowing other’s work to inspire me to learn more.  there are so many ways that instagram has made me a better photographer and encouraged my journey with photography.  change the way you use instagram to further build your photography skill and technique.

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How Instagram Made Me A Better Photographer | Bethadilly Photography

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