Productively Working At Home : Balancing Family and Business

when i first started my photography business, it was just my husband and i…no kids.  in a way, my business was my first baby, as i poured my everyday into nurturing it and helping it grow.  once my daughter was born, i had to learn how to not only be a great mom, but to also keep up a photography business that i had worked so hard to build.  it was and is important to me to still keep my business going, as it is a wonderful way for me to have something, in addition to being a mom, that i work on.  you see, my photography business is for me.  it is a way for me to be able to get feed my creative side, while making some fun money.  as moms, i think having something for us is important, whether that be continuing to work or dedicating time for just ourselves.  and as the new year hit, i was ready to not only continue to build my business, but to be more productive every day on the business end.  if you were to ask my husband, he would tell you that i have gotten more things accomplished in my first 2 months in 2017 than i did all of last year.  and last year was crazy busy, so that’s telling you something.  if you are struggling with productively working from home, try some of the things i am doing to help you create some goals and feel more accomplished as you complete them.

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Productively Working From Home : Balancing Family and Business

Productively Working From Home : Balancing Family and Business | Bethadilly Photography

1. Have Powersheets

my biggest game changer, when it comes to productively working from home, is having powersheets.  oh my gosh, they changed my entire working life.  not only am i discovering new goals that i want to accomplish, but i am achieving them.  it is because of powersheets that i have already written a blog post every day this year, written and designed a new eBook, taken two full participation photography classes, photographed professional sessions and still been a 100% hands on mom and make quality time for my family…all while getting 8+ hours of sleep each night.  i kid you not, i have done all of those things so far this year and it’s only february 26th.

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2. Set Strict Schedules

productively working from home means setting strict schedules.  you are your own boss so you are in charge of either being successful with this, or not.  it’s your choice.  for me, i set really strict schedules for myself.  i am up around 6:00am (remember, i get 8 hours of sleep still) to blog before the baby is up, spend the first nap of the day editing, and the second nap of the day working on eBook things.  once my daughter sleeps, it is ready, set, go time for being productive.  and once the husband is home from work and the baby is in bed, it’s us time.  no work during family time.  that is equally important.  you must set aside work for your family.  i only work during nap, which amounts to about 5 hours of day.  i have to make those 5 hours count. (cue: the powersheets)

3. Dedicate Time For Social Media

i enjoy social media so much that it can hinder my work.  knowing this, i either set my phone on the other side of the room or put my phone on silent so i can work more productively.  social media is part of my business and it is important to keep up with it, but i do my best to post and monitor my posts only without scrolling through news feeds and getting lost in the world of social media, when i should be working.

4. Have A Dedicated Workspace

productively working form home means working as much as you can during your designated work time.  the worst thing that people do is waste time setting up their workspace.  have a dedicated workspace that is only for work.  this doesn’t have to be fancy.  while i have a home office, i work in our living room 98% of the time.  my workspace consists of a laptop, a basket to keep my planner/powersheets/notebook, and a coffee table for much needed coffee.  just set up a little space for you that has all you need so you minimize the time setting up and taking down your space.  once your time for working is upon you, you should be working only.

there is something very challenging about productively working from home, but it can be done if you are dedicated and organized.  get yourself a planner, seriously invest in some powersheets, say no to the distraction of social media and have a workspace for just your work things.  all of these things together will support and encourage you in productively working from home and, like me, you will start getting more things done in less time!  and less time spent working is more time spent with family.  plus, being productive and feeling accomplished makes us feel so great!  and when we feel great, we are better mamas and spouses.

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