Classic Easter Basket Ideas For Girls

ok, so yes.  there are 51 days until easter, but i just like to be prepared.  plus, all this spring stuff has me throwing things in my shopping cart like a crazy lady.  my husband thinks it’s pretty endearing that i am so prepared for the holidays but i think it is just the excitement of first holidays with a new baby that has me eager to start traditions.  while i love the idea of making every holiday special for our daughter, i am also mindful to not go too overboard.  simple is best and anything more than that can be overwhelming and unnecessary.  as i created her first easter basket, i found that putting together something classic was my main goal.  i find all the animated tv characters to be so tacky and not my style, so classic was my goal here.  if you are looking to create a sweet and soft basket this year, here are some classic easter basket ideas for girls.

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Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

Choose A Color Scheme

before you start shopping for an easter basket, select a color scheme to keep in mind.  having a color scheme will allow you to shop for items that will flow together, which will make for a very visually pleasing basket.  and, yes i know my one year old will not notice the well thought out color scheme, but i will.  for her easter basket, i choose pale pinks and peaches.

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

The Basket

wanting to stay classic and traditional, i found a darling easter basket at our local home store.  i loved the pale pink eyelit fabric and the simple white wicker.  if you are looking for a simple basket, here are some similar classic easter baskets on amazon that look darling.

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

An Accessory

growing up, jelly shoes were some of my most memorable shoes and everything about them screams spring.  not to mention, jelly shoes take on a classic feel, making them an obvious addition to her easter basket.  i found these darling shoes at old navy this month.

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

Add Texture

adding things with obvious texture is a great way to create balance among the soft easter eggs and pale colors.  you can create more texture by adding grass filler within the basket (which also helps to hold everything in place) or with items that have fun texture, like a bunny.  i found this straw-looking bunny at hobby lobby.  it’s important to note, this bunny isn’t for play, it’s just a decorative element to the easter basket, much like the paper grass is.

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

A Toy and A Story

when trying to think of a tradition to create for easter, i thought receiving a toy and a story was a nice classic gift.  i love the idea of stories as gifts because they present a learning opportunity and stories, unlike other gifts, can be enjoyed for awhile. i also love the idea of a tradition because my childhood was full of them…which encourages me to create traditions for my children.  (growing up, the easter bunny always brought swim suits to my sisters and me).

being that our daughter will be newly one year old on easter this year, the story in her easter basket is the classic pat the bunny and a ballerina doll found at target.

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

A Tall Filler

if your basket is tall, finding some filler with height is a great way to tie the bottom of the basket to the top.  i found this darling easter egg tree at target and i loved the soft pop of color it provided to the overall look of the basket.  as another filler, i added some pale pink and peach easter eggs that i purchased at michaels.

Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

and there is the final product!  and now, we wait for easter.  classic easter basket ideas for girls is really quite simple if you just avoid all the loud character items and stick with the softer, timeless toys, accessories, and books.  do you have any more classic easter basket ideas for girls?  be sure to share them in the comment section to inspire us!

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Classic Easter Basket Ideas for Girls | Bethadilly Photography

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