Letters To My Little One | Seven Months Old

Letters To My Little One | Seven Months Old

Letters To My Little One | Seven Months Old | Bethadilly Photography

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sunday, november 13th, 2016

hello doll!

time.  it just refuses to slow down.  here you are, at seven months old and i literally have to pinch myself to make me believe it is real.  just yesterday we were anxiously awaiting doctors appointments and sonograms while you were in my tummy, and now you are a beautiful growing little girl who has the sweetest of personalities.  and it really isn’t just your mama who says that, you charm everyone you meet.  we love to go on outings together and i take you to meet my friends…and time and time again, i am told just what a patient and sweet baby you are.  and you really are.  you are so calm and simply a happy little doll.  not to mention, you are really quiet.  you simply observe and learn and, every once in awhile, give an excited coo.

this month we started swim lessons together!  and you look just darling in your swimsuit.  your first time in the pool made you cry just a bit.  i think the noisiness of the pool and the splashing from the other eager babies was a tad overwhelming for your first day, but you were a brave little fishy and tried to smile anyways.  by your second lesson, you were going under the water three times and smiling away at all your new swim friends.  we love our swim class, it’s such a special mama and baby time.

while we are encouraging you to sit up, you are showing only a minor interest.  every once in awhile you will sit for a little bit, but you like to snuggle in close with mama and daddy too.  you sit the best when the puppies are around, as you intently watch them and balance must easier when you are looking straight ahead at the puppies.  you are constantly reaching for them whenever they are near, you just love your puppies.  and the feeling is mutual.  they do their best to stay quiet while you nap, but the second they hear you wake…they run to your bedroom door and, once opened, run to your crib to be reunited again.  it really is darling.  and you are equally as excited to see them.

at seven months old, you are the best little eater!  so far you have tried avocado, butternut squash, peas, cauliflower, sweet potato, apples and rice cereal.  you have really liked everything you’ve tried so far, but your very favorites are butternut squash and sweet potato.  you barely leave anything in the bowl when those are served.  watching you eat is the cutest thing.  you are very eager and you love to play with your bib after we are all done eating.  we also introduced you to your new sippy cup this month and you are practicing drinking water during mealtimes.

october brought your very first holiday, halloween!  you were a lamb and, honestly, the most adorable lamb there ever was.  we went to our annual halloween party in our neighborhood and both you and your costume we adored by everyone.  experiencing our first holiday as a family of three has only made us even more excited for the holidays ahead.  if there is anything that we truly love, it is our time spent as a family and we are looking forward to making so many new holiday memories together with you.

you and i have been busy, busy, busy shopping for books for your new little reading nook that daddy built.  we love our story time together, just the three of us.  this month, our favorites are olivia and pinkalicious.  we read lots of autumn and halloween books together and now mama has all the turkey and christmas books ready to go for this month.  you love to reach out towards the pages now and grab ahold tight to the book.  and while we enjoy board books, we really like the paperback books better because the stories are much longer.

you still have just two teeth and enjoy chewing on everything!  you really love playing with the scensory toys, but will also chew on anything from mama’s clothes to your own toes.  you love to show off your new teeth at times, but often hide them when i try to take your picture.  every once in awhile we will get a glimpse at your sweet teeth when you give that sweet grin and it makes us so happy.

with time going by in the blink of an eye, we are cherishing each and every moment with you.  i think we say, “she’s getting so big!” and “she’s just growing so fast” every single day.  as cliche as it sounds, we really did just bring you home from the hospital and now you are already becoming so independent.  if i could rewind to your birthday and relive that day, i would relive it over and over again.  i tell your daddy that all the time.  i could relive that day for the rest of my life.  that day was the very best day i have every had.  meeting you and becoming a new family was the best moment i’ve lived.  sometimes we look at all the pictures we took in the hospital, just to relive the moment.  it was perfect.  you are perfect.  we love you.

here is to another wonderful and adventurous month as a family of three.  while i can’t imagine life getting any better, i know this next month will bring even more joy and excitement because of you.

love you forever,


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