6 Signs You Haven’t Found Your Photography Style

one of the biggest struggles photographers face in their journey with photography is finding their own photography style.  many get lost between wanting to have a style that is popular, but find that this popular style doesn’t truly speak to them as an artist.  having a photography style that is unique to you as an artist is so important.  your photography style will represent you and tell others what you are passionate about…all through a collection of photographs.  if you are unsure of whether you have truly found a photography style that is your own, check out what 6 signs say you haven’t yet found your style just yet.  but don’t stress, i can also help you find that style that truly speaks to you.

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6 Signs You Haven’t Found Your Photography Style

6 Signs You Haven't Found Your Photography Style | Bethadilly Photography

1.  Your Portfolio Doesn’t Flow

if your portfolio is full of choppy images that don’t look like they relate in any way, this is a sign that you haven’t found your photography style.  photographers who have identified their photography style have portfolios that are very cohesive and contain images that easily relate to one another.  their images flow together because they have similar exposure, white balance and tone.  because my photography style is light, soft, and honest, all of my images reflect those qualities, creating one portfolio that is harmonious and has images that belong together.

6 Signs You Haven't Found Your Photography Style | Bethadilly Photography

2.  You Edit Your Photos Differently Every Time

if you find that you are using different buttons and sliders each time you edit in lightroom, that is a clear sign that you haven’t found your photography style.  photographers with an identified photography style edit the exact same way every time they edit, or most of the time at least.  having a clear photography style helps you know how to edit your photos in order to represent your photography style in the best way you can.  if some of your photos have heavy contrast, while others are soft and smooth, this may be a sign that you haven’t found a true photography style that speaks to you.

3.  You Are Burnt Out With Your Photography

photographers who don’t have a style of their own often feel burnt out and uninspired with their photography.  having a photography style gives one direction, so a lack of style can leave one feeling like they aren’t sure when to pick up their camera.  if you are feeling burnt out with your photography, be sure to pick up my eBook “the styled photographer” to help you pinpoint and develop a photography style that inspires you.

4.  You Find Yourself Mimicking Popular Photography Styles

when you think of your photography style, is it one that is unique to you or is it one that you are doing only because everyone else is?  mimicking photography styles is a quick way to get burnt out with your photography because you are photographing for popularity purposes instead of for yourself.  instead of creating photos that match other styles from other photographers, pave your own way and create photos that represent you as an artist.

5.  You Shoot For Others, Not For Yourself

if you pick up your camera to take a picture because “this photo will get a lot of likes,” you are shooting for others and not for yourself.  you should feel inspired to pick up your camera for you, not for others.  additionally, if you are taking pictures because others want you to and not because you are passionate about it, you haven’t identified a clear photography style.  most photography business owners will experience this as they begin to take on clients.  many feel the need to say yes to everyone in order to get business, even if the type of photography they are being asked to do isn’t something they are passionate about.  once a photographer has a clear style, they will start attracting the clients that are right for them.

6.  You Aren’t Personally Connecting With Your Photography

we all have those moments when we doubt our photography.  don’t worry, it’s natural.  we are our biggest critics.  however, if you are looking at your photographs and truly not connecting with them, that is a sign that you haven’t found your photography style.  your photography style should be the best representation of you.  it should resemble what you are passionate about.  if your photography isn’t making your feel passionate and inspired, you haven’t found your photography style.

your photography style is very personal to you.  it’s what sets you apart from other creatives and shows your audience where your passion is.  taking the time to thoroughly explore and develop your photography style is so important.  be sure to read my eBook “the styled photographer” to help you identify a style that is truly yours.

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6 Signs You Haven't Found Your Photography Style | Bethadilly Photography

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