How To Find Your Photography Style

as photographers, we look at the world in a different way.  you could say that we see the world through photographs.  we are inspired by things that don’t inspire others and we use our cameras to document anything and everything.  that is what makes us unique and special…we are artists!  but while we are picking up our cameras to photograph what surrounds us, we also tend to look to other photographers to see how we should actually be doing that.  and what we are really doing when we look to others is looking at how they incorporate themselves and their photography style into their images.  are you struggling with how to find your photography style?  a style that is unique to you and not purely just a fad?

if you are struggling, you are not alone.  every photographer has struggled with their photography style at one point in their journey with photography and it’s one of the most common reasons why many photographers are left feeling uninspired and confused with their photography.  knowing this, i teamed up with Courtney of Click it Up A Notch to bring you just what you need to help you when you are struggling with how to find your photography style.

How To Find Your Photography Style

how to find your photography style | bethadilly photography

when i first started my journey with photography, i was inspired…and overwhelmed.  i was overwhelmed because there were so many photography styles out there that i loved and i couldn’t decide what direction to take my photography in.  did i want to have a bright and light photography style?  or maybe a moody and dramatic style?  or maybe one of the million photography styles in between?  i was being pulled in so many different directions that i was becoming frustrated with myself and with my photography.

i also didn’t want to have a photography style simply because it was popular, but instead i wanted to have a photography style that was truly me and would be my style no matter what photography style was “in” at the time.  and then an idea hit me.  instead of looking to other photographers and their styles for inspiration, i decided to look within myself.  i started to think about who i truly was as a photographer and how i could portray myself through my photographs.  and, while it didn’t happen overnight, i started to develop a style that would be known as one of the most recognizable photography styles on instagram.

before i knew it, other photographers were sharing their struggles with their photography style and asking me how i truly found a style that represented me and only me!  because i love to help and teach other photographers, i compiled all of my best photography style techniques into an eBook “The Style Photographer” that will teach you how to find your photography style.  a photography style that is truly yours and unique to you!  you have been waiting for me to write this eBook for…years.  and it’s here!

now let’s answer some questions you might be wondering about “The Styled Photographer”…  and if you have a question that you are still wondering about, be sure to ask in the comment section.  i am more than happy to chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

i am a beginner photographer.  is “The Styled Photographer” a good eBook for me?

yes!  “The Styled Photographer” was written with all photographers in mind, no matter if you are just starting out or have been a photographer for awhile now.  now, this book will not help you learn how to use your fancy new camera, but it will help you find a photography style that is unique to you!

will this eBook show me how to find your photography style?

don’t worry, this eBook is not going to teach you how to have a photography style that is just like mine, but instead it will help show you the steps to take to find a style that truly represents you!  no matter if you like bright or dark images, i will show you how you can incorporate the style you love into any image you take.

is this eBook for photographers who are hobbyists or for business owners?

both!   no matter if you photograph for fun or run a photography business, it is very important to have a photography style that is unique to you.  “The Styled Photographer” was written with the photographer in mind, no matter if you own a business or not!

what genre of photography is this ebook written for?

all of them!  no matter if you are a wedding, food, lifestyle, product, pet, landscape or portrait photographer {just to name a few!}, “The Styled Photographer” will help you find your style, no matter what you are photographing.

on the night “The Styled Photographer” was announced for purchase, we literally broke the internet as photographers were rushing to purchase their copy!  get your copy today and see why everyone is so excited about what is in these pages and let me show you how to incorporate your photography style from the moment you pick up your camera to the moment you share your photography with the world.  seriously, let me take the frustration out of finding your photography style…the information and style exercises in this book will have you having fun along the way!  i just wish i would have had “The Styled Photographer” available to me when i was struggling with finding my photography style.

how to find your photography style | bethadilly photography

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how to find your photography style | bethadilly photography

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