How To Create Photo Collages For Your Blog

one of the most popular ways to draw an audience to your blog is through the use of good photos.  people are visual.  they usually analyze a picture before they read the title of a blog post, so having eye catching photographs to accompany your amazing blog content is something that will draw more positive attention to your blog and attract readers.  for photography blogs, creating collages is a really affective way of sharing multiple images from a photography session.  sharing multiple images in a collage format is very attractive to the eye and, therefore, encourages readers to visit your blog to see more of your work.  knowing how to create photo collages for your blog will making blogging your photography sessions so easy and quick.  more than that, it will make your blog very beautiful as you share your beautiful collections of photographs with your audience through the use of collages.

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How To Create Photo Collages For Your Blog

How To Create Photo Collages For Your Blog | Bethadilly Photography

when i first started my website and officially made the plunge in starting my photography business, i made a few initial purchases to get me going.  of those first purchases, BlogStomp was one of the essentials.  and let me tell you, BlogStomp is an absolute game changer when it comes to blogging.  not only does it create photo collages for my website in seconds, but it allows me to customize the widths quickly so that the images are sized appropriately for my website.

sizing your images is very important not only so your images span the width of your website appropriately, but it also ensures that your images are sized correctly for the web which allows your photos to load instantly when someone clicks onto your site.  and there is nothing more frustrating for a reader than waiting for images to load.  it is a huge deterrent that will encourage your readers to leave your site instead of stay and read your content.

to make it even easier for you, here is a step-by-step guide on how i use BlogStomp to create photo collages of my sessions for my website.  i also use BlogStomp for all my blog images, regardless of if they are in a collage or not, as the software sizes them for my blog.

How To Create Photo Collages For Your Blog | Bethadilly Photography

so first of all, buy the software.  knowing how to create photo collages for your blog is now made super simple.  it’s going to save you so much time fumbling in photoshop and, honestly, your time is worth the purchase.  and as someone who is pretty diligent about what i purchase, BlogStomp is one of my best purchases and it is something i use every day.

now, let’s look at how to create photo collages for your blog with the software.

1. Upload Your Photos

use the “+” and “x” buttons in the lower left corner of BlogStomp to add or remove images to the software.  i export my images from lightroom to my desktop, and then upload them to blogstomp from there.

2. Workable Images

once you have uploaded your images, you will see them in the left column of BlogStomp.  now, you can select what images you would like to add to your collage by holding down the cmd key (on macs) to select more than one.

3. Select The Style

at the bottom of the screen is a style dropdown that allows you to decide on a style for your collage, such as if you want a white border around your images, how thick the border should be, what width your final collage should be, etc.  one of the best things about blogstomp is that is allows you to save your styles.  because i have multiple blogs and write for a variety of other blogs as well, i save their blog dimensions in the style dropdown so that i can quickly decide what blog my images are being sized for and what that format should look like.

4. Your Collage Preview

as you are adding photos from the left panel and deciding your format on the right panel, you can always preview your collage in the center of the screen and have creative control over how it will look.  by doubling clicking photos, you can switch them around to create the exact look you want, which is great when creating a visually balanced collage.

5. Collage Templates

on the right side of the software you will find a variety of collage templates to choose from, based on the number of images you are working with.  the software has a lovely variety of vertical collages that are wonderful for creating storyboards for photography websites and pinterest, as well as horizontal options as well.  don’t see a template that you like?  scroll to the very bottom of template panel to customize your own!

6.  Mix It Or Stomp It

once you have your photos added and a collage template picked out, clicking the “mix it up!”  button allows you to shuffle the photos around based on what the software chooses.  once you are happy with your collage, clicking the “stomp it!” button finalizes your collage and exports it.  you are now done!

i use blogstomp on a daily basis, whether it is preparing images to coincide with blog posts, creating collages of photography sessions i have photographed for my website or putting together sneak peeks for facebook.  in minutes i can create collages of 35+ images and be ready to import them to my website.  knowing how to create photo collages for your blog has never been easier.  for the busy photographer and blogger, blogstomp is a game changer and a must have.

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How To Create Photo Collages For Your Blog | Bethadilly Photography

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