A Blog Jar: Why It Makes You A Better Blogger

one of the biggest reasons why bloggers struggle is because of lack of blogging ideas.  i am serious.  when a blogger feels inspired and has things to write about, they have everything they need to have a thriving blog.  but what about those times in between when we are stuck thinking about a topic?  when we feel uninspired to write?  that’s where your blog needs a blog jar.  and, let me tell you, having a blog jar is a game changer when it comes to having a successful blog.  it takes the guessing game out of thinking of topics to write about and has me inspired to sit down and simply write.

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A Blog Jar : Why It Makes You A Better Blogger

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A Blog Jar : Why It Makes You A Better Blogger | Bethadilly Photography

what is a blog jar?

anyone can create a blog jar in minutes and if your blog doesn’t have one, it should.  first of all, you need a jar.  second, a list of blog post topics.  third, small strips of paper.  i seriously created my blog jar in less than an hour, for around $5.00.  and it’s probably the best $5.00 i’ve invested in my blog.

a blog jar is a jar full of blog post topics.  it’s a jar that sits next to your computer and contains your inspiration.  think of it as your rainy day fund when it comes to blogging.  when you sit down and can’t think of anything to write about, you can randomly choose a topic from your blog jar and start writing.

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No More Excuses

the biggest reason why bloggers don’t blog?  they don’t know what to write about.  well, now you have a whole jar of topics to choose from.  having a blog jar helps minimize that excuse of, “but what should i write about!?”  now, you can turn to your jar when you are feeling uninspired with blog topics and starting writing.

Creates Spontaneity

some of the best blog posts i’ve written have been spontaneous.  sometimes, when you think about a topic for too long…you overthink it.  by quickly choosing a topic from your jar and sitting down to write, you are giving a fresh perspective on the topic instead of overthinking it.  write what first comes to mind and what you are most passionate about with your given topic.

Encourages Blog Post Consistency

when you know you always have something to write about, you will be more consistent with your blog.  and blogs that regularly have new content and post consistently are the blogs that are most successful.  they are the blogs that readers enjoy following because they know the blog is dependable and will regularly have new information.  plus, google likes it when you post consistently.  it makes your blog more real.

You Can Always Add To It

have an idea for a blog post, but don’t want to write about it now?  add the idea to your blog jar!  trust me, there will be a day when you are in need of a blog topic and you will be glad that you regularly add ideas to your jar.

It Keeps You Inspired

inspiration is one of those things that’s addictive.  once you are inspired, you want to be inspired even more.  it’s a wonderful feeling to have and it builds upon itself.  having a blog jar keeps you, as a blogger, inspired.  in turn, this keeps your blog inspiring to others.  blogging takes practice.  it’s like a habit that you need to build.  once you begin blogging regularly, you will begin to crave blogging more because it will become easy and inspiring.

having a blog jar is something i encourage every blogger to start.  no matter where you are in your journey with blogging, it’s alway a good idea to have a place for inspiration.  a place where you can turn when you need a little boost in creativity and inspiration.  for me, a blog jar does all of that and i hope it can inspire your blog in the way that it inspires mine.

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