5 Tips for Balancing Social Media and Family

as mama entrepreneurs in a social media crazed world, we are given yet another thing to balance when it comes to our time.  and, if you are like me, and feel the pressure to do it all, sometimes it can seem a little much.  for me, it’s important that i put my phone down and be present.  social media will always be there, but family memories are fleeting so being present is so important.  the art of balancing social media and family can be a struggle for many people, when ultimately it doesn’t have to be.  i’ve found my ideal balance that makes me feel successful as a entrepreneur and even more successful as a mama.

i know we all love social media, i get it.  my photography business only got where it is today through social media, so i can understand it’s importance.  but just like anything in life, we need to strive to create a healthy balance between family and social media.  for many, their phones equal work.  just like we leave our desk at the end of the day, we need to leave our phones.  balancing social media and family can be a little more manageable if you incorporate these 5 habits into your life.

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5 Tips for Balancing Social Media and Family

5 Tips for Balancing Social Media and Family | bethadilly photography

it’s important to know that finding a way of balancing social media and family is important, yet different for everyone.  there are some things that will work for me, that won’t work for you.  and that’s okay.  the important thing is that you are creating a balance that not only works for you, but that you are enforcing.  here are the 5 ways that i successfully balance the pull between social media and family.

1. Take the Weekends Off

the goal of my social media is to encourage my business.  that being said, i treat social media like a business and keep it monday through friday, 9:00 to 5:00.  because weekends are for family, you will very rarely see me post on the weekends.  i say rarely because, yes sometimes i post and that’s life.  especially when your baby does something ridiculously adorable that’s too good not to share.  however, i am all about saying sayonara on friday and hello again on monday.  of course there are going to be times when i need to post something important outside of this timeframe, and for those times i do my best to post quickly and not linger on social media.  being able to take the weekend off and spend time with my family is one of my biggest factors in balancing social media and family, so i say goodbye to social media.

2. Schedule Posts

again, sometimes the best audience reach is during the weekends and, for that, scheduling posts to go live over the weekend is great.  for me, social media is very much about business, and we all get called in to work a weekend sometimes, right!?  scheduling posts is a great way of balancing social media and family.  scheduling posts throughout the week to occur over the weekend, allows your social media to stay active while you are enjoying family on the weekend.

3. Know It’s Okay To Have Limits

becoming a mama has taught me about limits.  while i love to share glimpses of my life as mama, i have limits that i am comfortable with.  as parents in a social media crazed world, we have to make important decisions about how we will approach our family on social media and how we do that will look different for everyone.  find what you are comfortable sharing and share.  not comfortable sharing every piece of your life…that’s okay too.  only you can set your own limits and everyone’s limit will look different.

4. Social Media Vacations

i love taking breaks from social media, it can be really freeing.  taking a social media vacation can be for any length of time, but i usually take a break for about a week to ten days.  and if it’s during election season, maybe all of fall.  (am i right!?)  🙂  taking a break from something only makes you that much better when you return to it, plus it gives you a little time away to place your focus elsewhere.

5. Dedicate Time for Social Media

having balance means that you are equally doing multiple things and you do it harmoniously.  just like you make time for your family, make time for social media.  maybe you enjoy browsing your feed in the morning before your kids wake up, or late at night after they are fast asleep.  whatever time is best for you, dedicate yourself a set amount of time to do your posts, browse your feed, and connect with others.  for me, this tends to fall during nap time when my sweet little one is sleeping and my hubby is at work, as i find i can have a little time for social media and my business without the guilt of feeling like it is pulling me away from my family.  if your dedicated time is while your kids are with you, that’s okay too!  it’s unrealistic to think that we can only be on our phones when they are asleep, but think about how you can see limits for yourself so you can remain present.

the balance that one creates between their family and social media will not be the same for everyone, we are all on our own journeys.  but by treating social media as a part of your job, it may help you to know when it is okay to step away from it.  the important thing to remember is not to let life pass you by, memories to be made without you, or moments to be forget because you were distracted elsewhere.

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5 Tips for Balancing Social Media and Family | bethadilly photography

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    • {beth} a-dilly - I am only on Facebook and Instagram, as well. I am also on Pinterest, which has many advantages. Feel free to utilize my blog’s search bar on the top right to read more about social media, I have a few posts throughout my blog on how to utilize social media!ReplyCancel