Letters To My Little One | Six Months Old

Letters To My Little One | Six Months Old

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Letters To My Little One | Six Months Old | Bethadilly Photography

thursday, october 13, 2016

hello doll!

happy half birthday!  someone pinch me, i cannot even believe you are six months old today!  how is that possible?  we just brought you home from the hospital and you are growing before our very eyes!  we just love you so much.  honestly, i can’t tell you that enough.  you are so incredibly loved.  i will spend my whole life telling you just how much i love you, and kissing your sweet face.  you are my sweet little doll and we are having so much fun!

this month was such a huge month for you.  you now have two teeth!  your first one arrived on september 19th and your second on october 2nd.  your sweet little teeth are just darling and now we are working on brush, brush, brushing those pearly whites.  you have been such an easy teether so far.  once your tooth shows up, you have one fussy night until it breaks all the way through and then you are smiling away and showing off your pretty whites.  when you first got your teeth, you would hide them with your tongue whenever we would try and take a peek.  but now you smile wide and show them off.  your smile is going to break some boy’s heart, for sure.  that and get you absolutely anything you want from your daddy.  we know how to smile and tug at his heart, don’t we?

there are so many things that make you smile these days, but the puppies are near the top of your list.  when they walk in the room, your attention immediately goes to them and you give the biggest smile.  when they get close enough to you, you start chatting away.  it’s so sweet listening to you talk to your little puppies, you just babble away with such enthusiasm.  lately, you have started reaching out towards them and petting them gently.  it is so sweet to watch.

you also started eating solid food this month!  october 2nd, at 5 1/2 months old, we plopped you into your high chair, put on a sweet little unicorn bib, and you tried a homemade organic avocado puree for the first time!  watching you try food for the first time was so much fun.  while the doctor and our parent friends told us you may not take to it right away, you proved them all wrong and…well, you did it perfectly.  no surprise there.  you even eat perfectly.  soon you were opening your little mouth for more and enjoying every bite!  the next week, we tried a homemade organic sweet potato puree, which you adore!  mommy laughs because your mouth stays open, wanting more and more, even after the sweet potato is gone.  my little sweet potato loves sweet potatoes!  we are working on teaching you baby sign language, so you can tell us when you want more and when you are all done.  and next up, peas!

yesterday was your six month appointment with our favorite doctor.  we just love her, don’t we?  you gave her the prettiest smiles, let her listen to your beautiful heart thump thump, and showed her how proud you were of your new teeth!  even though last time you hadn’t gained much weight due to sleeping through the night, you are back on track now and weigh 15 lbs 13 oz.  you even grew an inch and a half since last month, too!  you’ll be a tall blonde beauty, for sure.  they should warn the nurses before we bring you, because you seriously melt everyone’s heart during your appointment.  you are such a sweet baby!  no tears, no fuss…just smiles and curiosity.  well, no tears until it’s time for your immunizations, but even the bravest of babies cry then.  heck, mama cries a little too.  but it’s nothing that a little story and cuddle can’t fix.  and we just loved reading “moosetache” to you at the doctor yesterday!  what a fun book, i think we need to buy a copy for your library.

my goodness, the delivery man comes every day with new books for you.  mama and daddy love to read to you.  it’s actually the only thing we fight over, who gets to read to the doll!?  we both love reading to you, and doing the fun voices.  story time is so special every night, with just the three of us.  we rock, paper, scissors for who gets to read to you and one of us cuddles you close, while the other one reads.  and even though daddy says we have more books than the children section at the library, our favorites are “little pea,” “new bear at school,” and “are you my mother?”  well, we actually have more favorites than that, but just to name a few.  because we have so many favorites, mama designed and daddy made you a window bench bookshelf.  i can’t wait until you are big enough to enjoy your stories in the pretty light.  you can bet i will have my camera out, photographing it.

you are such an amazing sleeper.  most of our friends have baby envy.  you are in bed and asleep by 7:30 at night and wake up every morning around 8:00am.  you sleep so well too!  after we feed you, put you in your pajamas, read you a few stories and say our prayers, you lay down in your sweet crib and fall right to sleep.  you like to put your right thumb in your mouth and flip on your belly and, before we can even head out of your room, you are halfway to your sweet dreams.  and while you aren’t crawling yet, you have mastered scooting around your crib.  you will fall asleep at one end of the crib facing one direction and wake up on the opposite side facing the other direction.  it is so cute.

when you aren’t sleeping, you are a busy busy bumblebee.  you are such a little learner!  this month you love sitting and standing in your activity center, turning around and making things spin, pop up, play music, tip over, and rotate.  it is so fun to watch you learn and discover new things.  you really look at things with such curiosity and wonder.  it’s no wonder that you sleep so well during the night, resting from all that learning during the day.  you still love it when mama and daddy sings songs to you and our nursery songs are growing by the second.

this month starts the beginning of the holiday season, with halloween followed by thanksgiving and christmas!  we are so anxious to start making our new family traditions with you.  there are so many things that we want you to grow up knowing, and starting those traditions with you this year has us so excited.  mama is trying not to go overboard, but it’s been years of dreaming of creating family traditions with our family and i can’t help but be so thrilled that the time is here!  watching you do new things and experience traditions is like reliving my childhood all over again and i can’t wait to live through your excitement and joy.

when i think about you, i feel happiness and love.  when i look at you, i am overwhelmed with how much joy you bring to our family.  when i see you smile that smile of yours, my stomach gets sweet butterflies and listening to daddy make you smile makes my whole world complete.  everyday with you is a blessing and i will always love you for making me a mama.  these past six months have been a dream come true.  and while i am always begging time to slow down, i am so excited to see you grow even more.  we love you, baby doll.



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