6 Things To Remember When Blogging

i love to blog.  it is my little piece of the world where i can talk about…what i want to talk about.  whether it be photography, my life, or what i did over the weekend, my blog is just a little piece of me.  having been a blogger for a couple of years, i have learned so much about the blogging life.  the ups and the downs of having a blog, meeting new friends through blogging, and then there are those days that i have woken up and thought, “yikes!  i haven’t blogged in about a month!”  trust me, it happens.  but through it all, i have learned a few main things that are important about blogging that will help to both keep you motivated to write and keep your readers interested.  here are some things for you to try before hitting that publish button the next time you blog.  and if you are new to blogging, try to make some of these tips a habit as you start your journey with blogging by referring to these 6 things to remember when blogging.

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6 Things To Remember When Blogging

6 Things To Remember When Blogging | Bethadilly Photography

1. Use Photos

of the things to remember when blogging, adding photos to your blog posts is a must.  not only does is satisfy your visual readers, but it also grabs the attention of your audience.  people love looking at photos and having a visual can really help you tell your story.  next time you sit down to write a blog post, be sure to add a photo or two throughout your post.  your readers will love it!  photos also help to catch the eye of a reader who is just stopping by your blog for the first time and may encourage them to browse your site!

2. Have A Purpose

as you sit down to write a post, think about what the purpose of the post is.  is it to tell a funny story?  is it is inspire someone?  it is to teach someone something new?  is it to simply tell your reader about your day?  whatever your purpose may be, pinpoint it and stick to it!  it is okay to have more than one purpose, but sometimes two separate ideas deserve their own blog post.  try not to navigate too far away from your original topic/purpose because the reader may become uninterested.  keeping your reader on your blog is one of the most important things to remember when blogging.

3. Write Naturally By Using Your Voice

the one thing i love about my blog is that is it mine.  it is all mine and it sounds like me.  i write like i speak.  my blog is just one long natural conversation, with pictures.  for example, i love using punctuation to emulate voice.  like this sentence, “i could drink starbucks all. day. long.”  i love the use of periods to add drama to a sentence.  when writing your blog posts, be sure that they are you!  of course, you want to make sure your spelling and grammar are both correct, but remember to use your voice.  there are a lot of blogs that i love to read because i love the writer’s voice…it feels like we are chatting when i read their posts.  i am drawn to reading things that are written smoothly, concisely and with a little dash of humor mixed in.  i should also mention that it is okay if you don’t know what your writing style is right away.  sometimes it takes awhile to develop your voice so keep on writing and you will get there.  writing styles are very personal and everyone perfects their style in a different way and at a different time.

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4. Keep A List Of Blog Topic Ideas

whether it is on your phone or written on a list by your computer, keep a list of potential blog topic ideas.  i love making lists of blog ideas and keep it in my daily planner.  i am always thinking of blog ideas and running to my planner to write them down.  trust me, if i don’t write them down immediately…they completely disappear!  i have been known to completely stop my cart in the middle of a target aisle to write down a blog idea.  i am serious.  keeping a list of blog post ideas will come in handy on those days when you feel uninspired to write.  sometimes you just need an idea to start!  my favorite planner to keep me organized is the simplified planner by emily ley.  it is a must for organization and is the perfect way for me to organize what blog posts i need to write, publish, and promote on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis!

6 Things To Remember When Blogging | Bethadilly Photography

5. Dedicate A Day + Time To Blog

whether it is once a week or every single day, dedicate a specific time to sit down and write your blog post without distractions.  having consistent posts is one of the most important things to remember when blogging.  some people write better first thing in the morning and some people love to blog during lunch.  whatever time works for you, schedule it!  it is important that you make time for your blog, and make a habit out of sitting down at a time that is best for you.  so write it in your planner and stick to it!  it will help you develop a routine for writing.

6. Announce Your Posts On Social Media

once that beautiful post is written and the publish button is clicked, announce your post!  whether it is on instagram or facebook, let others know that you have a new post written and it’s up.  most people don’t check blogs every single day, so notifying them that a new post is up is very helpful to them and to your blog.  i also suggest watching the traffic flow on your blog.  it can be really interesting to see how many people stop by to read your posts, what time of day is popular for your readers to stop by, and what social media platforms are navigating people to your site.  i know this may sound funny, but site stats are really interesting to read, can tell you a lot about your audience, and reading them is pivotal to your blog’s success.

there are many things to remember when blogging, but by keeping them in mind and doing them every time you will begin blogging successfully in no time.  if i could give you one more little tip, just have fun!  blogging is a lot of fun and your blog should be just that.  have some other great ideas that will encourage bloggers?  be sure to share them in the comments section!  i love learning about blog tips and love learning new things even more.

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6 Things To Remember When Blogging | Bethadilly Photography

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    • {beth} a-dilly - that is one of my biggest goals as well! thanks for the information! i will definitely check it out! i am all about saving time! happy new year, alex!ReplyCancel

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