My Photography Project 365 Photo Book

when i decided to start my very first 365 photography project last year on january 1st, i made myself a promise.  i promised myself that if i finished my project by taking one photo every day for an entire year, i would have a 365 photo book made with all my photos in it.  well i finished!  i finished my photography project, i designed the book, and it arrived on my doorstep last week.

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My Photography Project 365 Photo Book

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

when trying to decide who to make my 365 photo book through, i knew i wanted it to be really nice and classic.  when i saw the books by artifact uprising, i was instantly sold.  i had worked so hard all year long on photographing my 365 project and i wanted a nice 365 photo book to display my images in.

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

from the moment i opened up the box, there was a rush of emotions upon first seeing my final book.  i remembered all the days that it was really hard to take a photo, but i picked up my camera anyways.  i remembered the type of photographer i was on the first day of my project in january, and how she changed into the photographer i am today.  i remembered all of the friends i’ve made along the way with my 365 photography project, and how their encouragement kept me going.  i remembered the way i felt on december 31, 2014, when i took my final project photo.  all of the memories began, before even opening the 365 photo book.

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

it was important to me to write a little note on the very first page of my 365 photo book.  i wrote it not only to document the year and the project, but to tell a little short story about what this book holds.  i guess i envision my future children stumbling upon it one day, whether it be in a box in the attic or on our family bookshelf.  i envision them opening it up and learning a little something about their mom from the short story on the very first page to the story that each and every picture tells.

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

as i was designing my 365 photo book, i poured just as much love into the details of each page as i did to the 365 pictures that are on them.  i wanted the photos to be in the exact order that i took them, with the number of the day above or below it.  and as i turn the pages from the very first photo to the very last, it astonishes me how much i can see my growth as a photographer.  i learned so much about composition, editing, and camera skill, and my growth is very evident as you continue to turn the pages toward the end of the book.  and even though my beginning photos are not as amazing as the photos i took towards the end of the year, i am so darn proud of those imperfect photos.  every photo, especially the beginning ones, were a learning moment for me.  i learned what worked and what didn’t work with the various elements of photography and i grew from it.  i grew from every mistake.

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

not only does this 365 photo book tell a story about my growth as a photographer, but each photo tells a story about a particular day in my life.  as i turn each page, a memory comes back.  a memory of where i was and how i felt when i took each picture.  there are pictures that i giggle at because i remember spending over an hour trying to perfect it.  there are pictures that show emotion or just capture a part of my everyday.  there are pictures that bring back memories of certain life moments, both the happy and the sad.

like the picture of me wearing a special hat that one day in september, honoring a special family member that we lost too soon last year.  or the photo of the cupcake with a candle in it, capturing the day i celebrated my very first year in business.  while someone else may pick up this 365 photo book a not know the importance of each photo, there is a story behind each photograph that means something to me.  its amazing how one picture can hold so many memories.  it’s a beautiful thing.  it is like i created a journal of my entire year, except i used pictures instead of words.

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

this final book is the reason why i worked so hard on my 365 photography project last year.  i dreamed of it every day, as just the thought of it encouraged me to pick up my camera on the hardest of days.  not only did this one book encourage me to finished my first 365 photography project, but it also encouraged me to continue documenting my everyday.  i guess i have this little dream of having a whole bookshelf of these books someday, each documenting one year of my life.  it is a gift that i am doing for myself and for my future family.  it is also a gift that i am doing for my skill as a photographer, as picking up my camera every day continues to teach me something new with every picture that i take.

My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

i used artifact uprising to design and print my 365 photography project book.  to follow me on my journey as i photograph my everyday and complete my second 365 photography project, be sure to follow me on instagram!  and if you would like to join in on a 365 photography project, come join me in the bethadilly challenge!  it’s never too late to start documenting your everyday!  make today the day you start.

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My Photography Project 365 Photo Book | Bethadilly Photography

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  • Erika Sneeringer - you are such an inspiration! I am so proud to have mad it 23 days into my 365 and I too dream about the book in the end. I hope to grow and learn as much as you – but mostly I just hope to find my style and document my family and my everyday life. I’ll definitely turn to you for motivation/inspiration when I have tough days and lack motivation and ideas.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Kalbasz - I love it! I’m hoping that with my first project 365 this year, I will be able to figure out my style as a photographer as well. I hope to see as much growth in my photography skills as well as my editing skills (which I have so much room for improvement in ツ ). I absolutely adore your work! You are so inspiring and such a talented photographer and blogger ツReplyCancel

  • Julieann Spencer - I love this. I started my first project 365 on January 1st, a very emotional journey as this will be the year I lose my father, my first photograph was a picture of him. I want to have a memory of every day, no matter what the photo, I just need a visual reminder that even when I feel lost, I still have my camera and that makes me feel alive xReplyCancel

  • Amy Lewis Avery - gorgeous! did you stick to shooting landscape all year?ReplyCancel

  • margie - I just have to say that you have encourage me to start my first challenge. As I read your words is like I see myself; and my hope is to find my stile and vision of my photos. Saying all that I always ask myself (this might be a silly question) you take does pictures of you white a nice a beautiful background? Thanks for sharing your journey with us.ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - thank you, margie! yes, i have a white tabletop that i love to use! best of luck on your photography challenge! you will do great!ReplyCancel

  • Carmody Baker - Beth thank you so much for this post. You inspired me to join instagram and now I follow you! I have one question and hard as I tried I can’t find the answer…My instagram is set up ( I need to add a profile picture) BUT I don’t know how to get the top portion of the page to have the images scaled different sizes and have images scroll/rotate. My top portion above the profile picture is gray — How do I install the images above the profile picture? Thank you so much for helping! Your bright, clean, fun images make my day! CarmodyReplyCancel

  • Jessica Schugardt - Beth your book looks so beautiful!! Love how you shared what these photos mean to you. My goal next month is to shoot with my girl camera everyday to push my self!;)ReplyCancel

  • Tia - I love this idea for what to do with your photos at the end of the year. I have thought about how I would organize mine but never really thought about just putting them in order. Since my book is about growth in my photography skills this seems like a no brainer. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration.ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - you should definitely put them in order! when my husband looked through my final book, he was amazed at how evident it was that my photography skills improved last year! it is really need to look back upon, memory wise, as well because then your photos are in the same order as the months and days!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Bernard Hernandez - Beth what a beautiful book! I am curious, did you design your book once you were done with your 365 project or did you keep up with it throughout the year? I am thinking it would be pretty time consuming if you design the book once you are working with 365 pictures.ReplyCancel

  • katie - beth, your project is just so perfect. as i started my very first 365 this year i keep finding myself reading your posts for inspiration. i know that when it’s all said and done i will see incredible growth in my work, but more than that I will have documented my life. thank you for keeping me on my toes. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - thank you so much, katie! and yes, it is such a great project in that you are capturing memories and also improving your skills at the same time! i am so excited for you and i am glad to have you reading along as i blog! makes me happy to hear that i am helping inspire! <3ReplyCancel

  • the journal that encouraged me to print my photos » beth a-dilly - […] awful habit of only printing my photos around christmastime for our annual photo card or to create a photo book of my annual photos once a year.  but i haven’t been printing just because.  it’s not that i don’t […]ReplyCancel

  • elise - love this beth! do you mind sharing what size book you made? i started my 365 back in july and want to get going on my book, but just cannot decide on the size. also how many pages did you book end up having?ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - thanks, elise! i am not sure how many pages i ended up with, but i think it is around 8 1/2 x 11 in size, or something similar! have fun making your book!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn Johnson - I started my book last year in January and added other photos taken along the way. It was my biggest project. I made a similar one last year and love the concept of now creating yearly-yearbooks. The daily picture taking has been so helpful.ReplyCancel

    • {beth} a-dilly - good for you for printing a yearly book! it will be such a lovely collection of memories down the road!ReplyCancel