Photography Projects: 3 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards

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i am a firm believer that photography projects can drastically improve your photography skill and that everyone should complete one.  when this board was sent to me by Letterfolk to share on my social media, i was immediately inspired to get out my camera and found that the board inspired a variety of photography projects.  not only do you need to snag one of these letter boards for yourself, but check out how they can inspire your photography through these 3 fun photography projects.

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Photography Projects: 3 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards

Photography Projects: 3 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards | bethadilly photography

not only do i love how you can completely personalize these letter boards to say anything that you want, but i love that the bright white letters against the dark felt board contrasts so nicely, making the boards photograph really well.  the creative possibilities are endless with these boards, but here are 3 photography project ideas to get you started.  plus, at the end of this post i will inspire you with even more reasons why you need one of these letter boards!

Photography Projects: 3 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards | bethadilly photography

Monthly Milestones

these letter boards are a wonderful way to document monthly milestones with your baby during their first year.  with little babies changing so much, so quickly during the first year, being able to document their milestones and personalities on these letter boards is a wonderful way to savor these moments to remember later on.  i also love that, when placed next to your little one in a photo, the letter board provides a frame of reference to show just how little your baby is and, as they grow bigger each month, documents their growth.  simply customize the board each month to display important facts about your little one and photograph your little one with the letter board.

if you don’t currently have a little one, you can also use these boards to document the first day of school for your school aged children.  fun things to include on the board would be: name, age, grade and what they want to be when they grow up.  watching how these stats change throughout the years will be a wonderful keepsake for both you and your child.

Photography Projects: 3 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards | bethadilly photography

Inspirational Quotes

having a letter board is a wonderful way to get your children involved with your photography.  one fun photography project idea is to encourage your kids to find inspirational quotes that are especially meaningful to them and can encourage your family.  have your kids help write the quote out on your letter board and feature the quote within a photograph that resembles those inspirational words.  think about how you can reflect those words with your photography and create a photography project based upon words that inspire you.

The Memorable Things They Say

kids say the darndest things.  we all know this to be true, and most parents even write these funny sayings down.  instead of keeping a journal of the funny things your children say, write it on a letter board and take a photo of your child with the board.  not only does this feature your sweet child’s quote, but your photo will serve as a portrait of what your child looked like at the time they said it, featuring their current personality.  trust me, you will look back on those photos and be thankful that you not only remembered the funny thing they said, but how they looked when they said it.

letter boards are such a wonderful way to inspire your family, but also serve as a wonderful photography prop.  here are some other ways you can feature letter boards in your photography:

 pregnancy announcements

birth announcements

engagement announcements

holiday salutations

weekly menu board

blog post announcements

business announcements

the best thing about these letter boards is that they can be used for such a wide variety of things.  whether you are using them personally or for your business, you can be assured that you will use them over and over again.  be sure to check out letterfolk and find the perfect board for you!

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Photography Projects: 3 Fun Ways to Use Letter Boards | bethadilly photography

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