How I Learned How To Pose Photography Clients

even though i am a lifestyle photographer, i definitely pose my clients into flattering and balanced positions that i know will photograph well.  once i have them into position, i then stand back and let them do their thing!  for me and my photography style, i find that this is the perfect balance between creating a photograph that will be balanced and pleasing to the eye, while still capturing those authentic and natural moments in photographs.  plus, clients honestly are more comfortable when you simply tell them what to do.  i have had so many clients tell me, “thank you for telling us what to do, you made it so easy!”  and that is what every photographer loves to hear!  we love to hear that the client had a great time and that they were comfortable.  because when clients are comfortable, they photograph naturally and you can truly capture their most genuine moments and emotions.  knowing how to pose photography clients successfully will not only help you run your sessions more smoothly, but it will also enhance your images visually.

i am always asked by other photographers how i learned to pose my clients and, to be honest, just the simple act of practicing posing during sessions has taught me so much about how to position people.  there will be things that work great, and then there are the times when i upload a photo and know that my posing could have been better.  those moments are when i learn the most and i adjust my clients accordingly the next time.

i know, i know…me telling you to practice posing with clients is probably not the answer you wanted to hear.  but, practice really is one of the ways i really learned the most about posing and what things work well and what things simply don’t.  but besides practicing, i have a handful of posing guides that have really helped me along the way and that i love to recommend to other photographers who need a little inspiration with posing.  grab your notepad and pencil, i am going to tell you what posing guides i love!

to read more about what other photography books i have, check out my post about what books are on my bookshelf!

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How I Learned How To Pose Photography Clients

How I Learned How To Pose Photography Clients | bethadilly photography

i recently got some downloadable posing guides from Design Aglow and i am in love!  because i mostly photograph families, baby bumps and newborns, i decided to start with the family posing guide and the maternity posing guide.  and let me tell you, i was really impressed!  now i really want the newborn posing guide, too and it’s certainly on my wish list!  not only could i download them to my ipad for easy use when i am on the go, but i also found the tips and posing inspiration in the guides to be excellent!  i was instantly inspired and felt so excited during my following sessions because i was excited to try out some new things with my clients!

after being so impressed with the family posing guide and maternity posing guide, i was instantly found myself on Design Aglow’s website looking at all of their other posing guides!  and i definitely have even more on my wish list, like the posing guide for engagements and newborns!

there have also been some additional posing guides on my bookshelf that i have inspired me along the way in my professional photography journey that i love to recommend to others, including:

the design aglow posing guide for family portrait photography: 100 modern ideas for photographing newborns, babies, children, and families by lena hyde.  i simply could not put this book down!

the design aglow posing guide for wedding photography: 100 moderns ideas for photographing engagements, brides, wedding couples, and wedding parties by lena hyde  {even though i am not a wedding photographer, this book has inspiration for engagement sessions that really inspired me!}

photographing families: tips for capturing timeless images by michele celentano

and for those of you who love food and want to learn more about how to pose and photograph food to create amazing photographs, you simply have to get eat pretty things by trisha hughes.  it is the best ebook ever and i can’t even tell you how much i learned about food photography simply by reading her amazing book!  not to mention, trisha photographs food so perfectly and beautifully, and her images are so inspirational!  for more info about eat pretty things, check out a post i wrote about the only book you’ll ever need to learn about food photography.

learning to pose was one of those techniques that i simply learned over time and experience with my clients.  i feel like i get better and better with every session that i photograph because i am gaining experience and learning from those trail and error moments.

i love love love photography books and i would love to hear what books have inspired you, whether it is with posing, composition, or camera technique!  if you have a photography book that has particularly helped you along your journey with photography, be sure to tell me about it in the comment section below.  i love recommendations!

and because i just can’t resist recommending one more fabulous book that every photographer needs in their life, go buy the unexpected everyday by courtney slazinik.  after being so confused by manual mode, i bought this book and it changed the way i photograph.  this book taught me manual mode in minutes, yes minutes, and inspired me to learn more about composition and how to create stunning everyday photographs!

How I Learned How To Pose Photography Clients | bethadilly photography

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