5 Signs You Need To Start A Photography Project

i am a firm believer that every photographer should complete a photography project at least once.  if i am being really honest, every photographer should complete at least one photography project each year.  some photography projects are small, some are big.  but most importantly, as a photographer, you should be doing a photography project regularly to encourage and develop your photography skill.  here are 5 signs that you need to start a photography project right now.

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5 Signs You Need To Start A Photography Project

5 Signs You Need To Start A Photography Project | Bethadilly Photography

1.  You Are Struggling With A Skill

if you are struggling with a photography skill, whether it be proper exposure, focus, creating thoughtful compositions, or achieving correct white balance, starting a photography project is one of the best ways to tackle a photography struggle.  photography projects are intentional and repetitive, which are two qualities that also help you to conquer a photography skill.

2.  You Need To Fall In Love With Photography Again

if you are falling out of love with photography and don’t feel like picking up your camera, that is a huge sign that you need to start a photography project.  photography projects provide you with inspiration and direction, which are two things that are bound to make you fall in love with photography again.  sometimes we all need encouragement and motivation to be passionate about photography again and, if you start a photography project, you are bound to find both.

3.  You Need To Develop Your Own Photography Style

do you feel like you are only photographing a certain way only because everyone else is?  do you feel like you are just trying to mimic other photographers, but aren’t sure your style is really you?  those are big signs that you have not developed your own photography style.  i found and developed my photography style by starting a photography project because it encouraged me to practice often.

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4.  You’ve Never Done A Photography Project

if you have never done a photography project, you must!  find a photography project that interests you and works for you and get going!  set a goal for yourself, write it down, and conquer it.  maybe you will start a photography project to document your family, to conquer a skill, or to encourage your love for photography.  whatever the reason may be, start a photography project that works for you.

needs some photography project ideas?  check out what 5 photography projects every photographer should do.

5.  You Don’t Know When To Pick Up Your Camera

although a lot of people know they love to take pictures, they often struggle with what to take pictures of. this is because they lack that inspiration and drive that leads them to pick up their camera.  if you start a photography project, you are providing yourself with the inspiration you need to pick up your camera and capture your surroundings.  soon, you will learn to pick up your camera naturally instead of for your the purpose of your project.  and knowing when to pick up your camera is something that is such a great feeling.

you can start a photography project at any time.  it’s not like a diet where you can only start on mondays or at the new year.  pick a photography project that interests you, dust of your camera, and have fun with it!

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