A Patterned Pastime by Bethany Deschamp

during nap times lately, i have been going through older images.  i have been doing this equally to do some re-edits (as my editing style has improved very much since those early years with photography), as well as to simply review my portfolio and old favorites.  when i stumbled upon this image, it took me back to another time in my life.  of a time before becoming a mama, when my only responsibility was these two punks.  and i was always making sure they were entertained, both because i love them and also so i could get crap done.  this image takes me back to what a typical day, pre-baby, looked like.  these two keeping busy (also known as being bribed), on my home office floor while i edited sessions, answered email and blogged.  it was a patterned pastime that was common a couple years ago and images like this remind me why it is important to document simple moments like this.  because a single image can take you back to a moment and make you relive and appreciate the time.  we don’t always know what memories we will cherish tomorrow, so it’s very important that we document today.

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A Patterned Pastime by Bethany Deschamp

A Patterned Pastime by Bethany Deschamp | Bethadilly Photography

this photo was achieved using : nikon d610 and portrait lens.

my settings were : ISO 200 | f/2.2 | 1/60ss

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